Due to that demand, we prepared a more nutritional food to fulfill our body’s daily needs for nutritions. They supply cupcakes in restaurants like OpenRice Restaurants. Sour in taste, it has many culinary and medicinal uses in Asia and parts of South America and the Caribbean. Lastly, small bakeries are considered as client since other bakeries get their product from their suppliers. It can accommodate 50 trays.

In the picture the ampalaya is not seen because it is mixed with the batter already and I just putted the chocolate chips on top to make it a design and have a sweet taste. It can accommodate 50 trays. Demand Gap Five Years The demand gap shows the difference between supply and demand products. The consumers can expect that our product, Ampalaya Cupcake will not only give a simple cupcake that people can eat anytime and anywhere but a cupcake with nutritional value of Ampalaya. The researcher purposely chose Ampalaya because of its high nutritional value; it is cheap and usually just found in home garden or backyard and is also readily available in the market as a raw material. We also observed that the number of respondents in answering that the taste is sweet, texture is smooth, smells good and has Ampalaya content is increasing and it is due to the new ratio that has been added in the cake in Trial 2. Some of its benefits are, it disinfects, relieve cold symptoms, boosts immunity, regulates blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure, relieves headaches and protects spleen and liver.

The cupcakes will not have its specific name for they will only be mainly supplied and distributed to some businesses like cafes, tea shops, restaurants, ampalqya and other small bakeries.

The cupcakes are filled with fruit jams that contain nutrients that are essential for the body. Preservatives are never used because cupcakes are meant to be enjoyed fresh from the oven.


Bitter Gourd Cake

Real and fresh bitter melon will be included in the cupcakes so that they will not be just yummy, but also health-wise. Procedure in Conducting Market Research The researchers devised questionnaires that would help in the theiss for the product in diligently manipulating the market research. The significance of this study is that It aims to substitute junk foods away from children by trying eating high nutritional value foods like vegetables and fruits specifically Ampalaya.

Employees should be wearing desired uniform during working hours with disposable gloves and hair covers. The proponents of BBS Co. It can also be a source of income by selling recyclable waste to any junk shops especially dead batteries, metals, bulbs, plastic bottles, and cans.

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Dealing with employees, customers, vendors, etc. Just like cafes, the great factor is that buyers want to get quality food and beverage at a reasonable price. By doing this, it can also help other people to make money through garbage.

Projected Supply Five Years. The packaging that will be used deals with the eco-friendly packaging with the logo of the corporation on it.

Both the Ampalaya leaves and fruits contain vitamin B, iron, calcium, beta carotene and phosphorous. Consumers are now willing to spend moderately and demand high quality for their money, an equation for which retail bakeries are a solution. About Me jessieca I’m a jolly, out-going, sociable person By this, we can earn profit in a fast pace and be known around the Metro Manila very quickly.

They have spawned dozens of bakeries, devoted entirely to cupcakes that have popped up all over the country, and not just in metropolitan cities.

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That is why many of the researchers in our country planned and made a new technique in serving foods especially in cooking it. The proponents will come up with different strategies such as product, price, distribution and promotion of the product that will surely attract our target market.


ampalaya cake thesis

What do you prefer for your mode of post payment? Packager Cupcake Box Packaging Step 4: Tea Shops, one particular example is Moon Leaf which offers cupcakes as their compliment for their teas. At the same caje the charity events at the same time will return help to the company by making our product familiar to other potential clients or customers.

The reason that the proponents chose hotels as a client is that most of them today offer a wide variety of goods as their complimentary product.

Ampalaya is recommended to help relieve liver problems, to control blood sugar, HIV, skin diseases, sterility in women, to kill parasites, to reduce fever and purge illness from the body through defecation. Aside from cupcakes, they offer Pastas, Sandwiches, Pizza, Floats and coffee in their main branch only.

ampalaya cake thesis

Specifically the study aimed to answer the following questions: Testing and Evaluation The survey of the taste of the Ampalaya Cake trial one with a ratio of 3 cups of flour to one-half- cup Ampalaya 3: The Second trial proved the difference theesis the ratios of flour to Ampalaya from the first trial. This study emphasis on the palate upshot of Ampalaya cake to children and its limitation to form new kinds of food.

Add butter in melted chocolate for glossy texture Step Their company sells the cupcakes wholesale and retail.

ampalaya cake thesis

The sugar used will later be turned to energy for the body needs.