His yellow sash, symbolizing his service to the Emperor, was the last thing I saw. Well, actually there is one more thing — a quest that is unavailable to Open Palm goody two-shoes such as us, but can be shown off thanks to the magic of save editing. When you do the Zither Quest and meet Bladed Thesis, he approves of your answer that the bandit deserved to die because their is no point to needless cruelty. The process will kill him. Will she be able to overcome her challenges, and fulfill her destiny?

Nobody helped him pass Bladed Thesis’ test which he’d have failed miserably, nobody at all. Since you have proven capable so far, I’d like you to acquire one more part. Sabrajaguar , May 19, I will ensure that the zither’s discord consumes him. As if this love triangle isn’t enough to deal with, Duncan learns that she is actually immortal with some unusual abilities. Do you already have an account?

Jade Empire Part #20 – Bonus Zither of Discord

Guess what – Chapter 25 is up! Smiling Hawk is a weakling I have more trouble with the Gun toting Brit! His former followers search to uncover the reason of his fate and a dark revelation that threatens all that is sacred.

As if this love triangle isn’t enough to deal with, Duncan learns that empkre is actually immortal with some unusual abilities. Just spread harmony by helping people.

The Zither of Discord

As Epire said, it was an instrument that belonged to Bladed Thesis, the scholar who first advanced the Way of the Closed Fist as a philosophy. Having said what he needs to, Bladed Thesis disappears and takes the two ghosts with him.


I think he’s actually at level 12 or 13 at this point.

Yet there are surprises in store for him Rated for violence and bladrd. I said “more details. More and more you surprise me. We have shown we understand Closed Fist or at least the way it was intended to be before a bunch of idiots ghesis Six Heavens screwed it upand what better way to show that understanding than challenge Bladed Thesis when he is more powerful than ever?

Game, Set, Match by elle-nora reviews New and on-going! You understand the Way of the Closed Fist. Please review, it’s not hard. But the zither was dismantled before I learned how to fully harness its strength. A Dream of Blood and Snow by Freesourceful reviews Fighting against an opponent as strong as herself, to save the Empire, Snow must stop at nothing to prevent the Ritual of Ascension from being completed.

People will talk for centuries about this discovery! In a far-off future, Duncan MacLeod fights his final battle to win the Game.

The process will kill him. But the Prize is something he never considered. All the Close palm things I have done and I’m still no haven’t gotten Tempest style yet!


bladed thesis jade empire

Or Out right dispersing the 3 ghosts in the grave yard? This will show those stuffy scholars in the Imperial City that I am serious. His yellow sash, symbolizing his service to the Emperor, was the last thing I saw.

bladed thesis jade empire

Well, if we were going by what most Closed Fist options in this game have shown us thus far, we’d just say that everyone deserves to die because they’re weak. We’re obviously going to give it to him, just as he asks.

The Zither of Discord | IGN Boards

Then tell me, who deserved their death? She took it all: Log in or Sign up. Dynasty Warriors – Rated: I expect the test to measure your conviction to the ideals of the Way of the Closed Hhesis. Your understanding of the Way is impressive; it would almost be an honor to lose to you.

Then we’d kill them, take their pocket money and laugh in their faces as we kick them a few times when they’re down.

bladed thesis jade empire

That has to be it. That’s actually slightly disappointing, as I was hoping to show off some of Wei Shen’s kung fu.