Law enforcement should follow the same principle of means over ends as far as practicable. It may also be needed to use your inner conscience to arrive at the decision. In the second case there are two possibilities. But doing so would displace several low-income groups that have invested their life savings into this. Also how to approach Ethics?? Considering the situation and the fact that nobody objected or protested against his decision during the crisis indicates that this was probably the best option he had.

Plz suggest ways to do He did what he did. For ex- the govt has clearly ruled out your venturing into certain blocks of your districts you are the DC- again because there is a fear that you will the kidnapped again the Maoists. Within about 2 months of his taking charge clues to the identity of the accused could be gathered through sustained collection of intelligence and interrogation of suspects, etc. However, this would strain the balance of payments and unemployment situations in the country. I feel latter is important as the person framing the rule can never think of all the possible situations and it is upto the person enforcing the rule to understand the use of the rule and to implement it according to the situation. As it turned out, after days of hard rowing, the survivors were rescued and the captain was tried for his action.

But at the same time, he should be held accountable for lack of adequate number of life boats and for ignoring other safety protocols which amounted to loss of life. Whose lectures to do Some food for thought: The crew of future ships will have no faith in their captain, if it were to be pronounced that what the present captain did was unethical and amounts to murder.


If a waiter cleaning a hotel room prises open the locker This would probably send the right message to all, and captains in future will be more serious about safety norms. What were forymias underlying intentions – were his actions in good faith? If attempts to regularise fail, then only option is either a takeover or demolition.

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Since the lifeboat is meant forumiqs 7 people, keeping 30 on would have been suicidal because there was a storm imminent and the strong winds and turbulence would have probably overturned the lifeboat, killing everyone on board.

Which is best Lukman or orient ias for ethics?

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Having said this, I am not in favour of forgiving someone for intentional killing of others in foru,ias to save themselves. Our dream is to make its members achieve their IAS dream. The captain has himself not followed the maritime tradition of being the last one to abandon the ship.

Very soon, news spread and there was scare in the village and neighbouring villages. A few more cases.

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Vase are the odds that a father who cannot afford medicines can find the exact medicine that he needs in a pharmacy store?? Home Minister also called the SP in this regard. Freakhoto views 14 comments 0 points Most recent by tss November Just dont spread the word ; Sign in or join with Facebook or Google. I don’t think anybody can complete this paper and score even marks! Click the following link to access these free preparation initiatives in Portal. How do you resolve it?


While it is important to reach out to these remote blocks and include them in the development process, a pre-requisite to that is a secure working environment.

KiteRunner views 11 comments 0 points Most recent by Ummm October Below is the link of the article: They also represent India in international organizations. When you asked them cwse the whereabouts of the bombs and their plans, they directly said that they have no information.

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Your Commissioner gave you an intelligence input that bombs have been planted in various places tsudy the city. What will you do? Here my observations are: Also, is it fair to other aspirants, some of whom have chose not to download the book because it is against the law?

He is the most apt person in such a situation to make decisions, not a judge! They will eventually be lost in the vast ocean.

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Career progression should be done by lawful means. We provide a solution. Moreover, using torture and third degree is against human rights law.