Current status and future directions. Browse subjects Browse through journals Browse through conferences. Therefore to understand the situation of tailend farmers on a national level this study was scaled up and study was conducted in other five states. The hydrologic variables used were monthly and annual rainfall and runoff for monthly and annual time period of monsoon season. However, despite generally good results are achieved, some aspects of the conceptual models are challenging.

Each neuron in a certain layer is connected to every single neuron in the next layer by links having an appropriate and an adjustable connection weight. This article is a stub. The study on rainfall-runoff relationship also helps in planning and developing distribution policies from the available water resources [3]. The training window appears by default. The inflow forecast for the Dharoi dam is issued based on observations at Kheroj gaging site upstream of the dam.

The regression plot between observed cse and the simulated runoff for monthly models were available from ANN monthly models and ANN annual model as well for Dharoi watershed of Sabarmati river basin.

The second argument contains the name of the training function to be used. You can enrich by adding more information to it. Materials and Methods 2. The feedforward neural network is the workhorse of the Neural Network Toolbox software.

However, when the network begins to overfit the data, the error on the validation set o begins to rise.

British Library Conference Proceedings The error on the validation set is monitored during the training process. The present work involves the development of an ANN model using Feed- Forward Back Propagation algorithm for establishing monthly and annual rainfall runoff correlations. Also, the similar figures have been prepared for annual rainfall-runoff ANN model. Performance Evaluation Studies of Irrigation Projects were dbaroi up in the country for the first time.


DSC was asked by a high level working committee to study the case of Mohani. Arun Sidhpura, former Casual lecturer Challenger insti.

The runoff needs to be estimated for vase utilization of water resources. There is a bias connected to each layer, the input is connected to layer 1, and the output comes from layer 2.

case study of dharoi dam

Dharoi Earth Dam, Gujarat. What women can do to improve canal management and functioning of Water Users Associations?

Case study of dharoi dam

This process is called back propagation because the output error goes back to the input nodes in order to revise the weights. It plots training, validation and test performances.

The process of training a neural network involves tuning the values of the weights and biases of the network to optimize network performance. The train command will automatically configure the network and initialize the weights in nntoolbox but that may be required to reinitialize.

Case study of dharoi dam

Log In Sign Up. Involvement of women in the affairs of water Users Association is considered important for improving the canal management. The number of validation checks represents the number of successive iterations that the validation performance fails.


Bridge Bridge levels in m. The hydrologic variables used were monthly and annual rainfall and runoff for monthly and annual cwse period of monsoon season. Projects on International Waters: The validation error normally decreases during the initial phase of training, as does the training set error.

When the network weights and biases are initialized, the network is ready for training [26]. Electronic books The e-book database EBC.

Water Resource and Protection,2, The present study used different number of neurons for different data as shown in Table 2 and 3. So, there is a need to establish the monthly rainfall-runoff model. Another problem faced during the application of FFBP is the local minima issue.

The distinct advantage studh an ANN is that it learns the previously unknown relationship existing between the input and the output data through a process of training, without a prior knowledge of the catchment characteristics [9].

case study of dharoi dam

But by trial and error, the numbers of neurons are obtained according to the desirable accuracy. The other statistics R quantifies the effect of the ANN model in capturing the dynamic, complex and nonlinear rainfall- runoff processing as the correlation coefficient R-value between the outputs and targets [35].