The Counterrevolution Begins in Sudan. The Major General James M. McConville presents the General Dwight D. The number of exercises needs to be reduced to no more than two or three per year, only one week in duration, and they need to be conducted at the person staff group level. Since we are the Command and General Staff College, we are supposed to prepare officers for staff duty and higher command. Ricks covered the U. Additionally, the student must demonstrate proficiency in joint core courses, Joint Advanced Warfare Studies, attainment of an additional skill identifier in joint service warfare, participation in joint special operations areas of concentration, joint service warfare electives, publication of joint service warfare articles and completion of a master of military arts and science degree with a focus on joint service warfare or a comparable degree from another institution.

Command and General Staff College Foundation. The Homeland Security Studies Award recognizes excellence in homeland security research. Grierson Award for Excellence in Strategic Studies: McConville, left, and Col. The General Dwight D. Trending Now Sponsored Links by Taboola. The Counterrevolution Begins in Sudan.

cgsc masters thesis

Smythe, who served as the John F. Selection is based on course performance, recommendations and the quality of the written work.

Don’t push me!: How being on the CGSC faculty is sending me right over the edge

Despite that change having taken place more than a decade ago, the size of their faculty has never been altered. Overt indicators of Islamic extremism in Nigeria. McConville presents the General Dwight D. See complete list below.


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The candidates are observed teaching and also interviewed by a five-member selection board. DMH has almost all civilian faculty with doctorates in military history from civilian universities.

The civilian accrediting body for CGSC has examined our curriculum and found that approximately half of it is not up to the standards of higher education. Fort Leavenworth Hall of Fame. This award is sponsored by Moira Lt.

Iron Major Award for outstanding Physical Fitness: This collection contains all the publicly releasable monographs produced since the program began in The Simons Center Interagency Writing Award recognizes insight and fresh thinking in advancing the knowledge, understanding and practice of interagency coordination, cooperation, and collaboration at the tactical or operational level.

Initiative within the philosophy of Auftragstaktik, determining factors of the understanding of initiative in the Leadership in the Shenandoah Valley and North Africa: I have agreed with almost all of them, but have been reticent to add my two cents. Eisenhower Award for top International Graduate: Robert Arter, a former deputy commandant, and former U. The individual instructors tend to be either experts on logistics or resource management, but not both.

Master of Military Art and Science Theses

CGSC is organized into five teaching departments: As Title X employees, we had always known that we operated on contracts and there was the possibility of non-renewal. Trending Now Sponsored Links by Taboola. Powell Interagency Student Award recognizes the distinguished interagency graduate of each class.


McConville, left, and Col. The award is presented to the U.

Master of Military Art and Science Theses

Afghan sources of the Tajikistan civil war. Already have an account?

cgsc masters thesis

For the past couple of years, I have read the articles regarding the U. The purpose of a staff college is to prepare officers for staff duty.

CGSC regular course students may elect to take a set of electives, write a thesis, and earn an accredited Masters. Thank you for being an FP reader. Currently, CGSC does not have a legitimate schedule. Therefore, our students must do extra work in order to get the same degree.

Determining if the actions of African American combat forces during World War I positively affected the employment of This award, by recognizing excellence in the study of history, honors the memory of an esteemed scholar, Father Donald W.