Imagine that you involve yourself in something and there is an emergency, what do you do? Firstly, in the sense that they were in the informal labour market without contracts. When the group discussion took place she had just quit the job as domestic worker she had and she was starting her own business, a restaurant with her husband. However, when they write in Spanish they do not feel sure and do many mistakes, which is fundamental for the jobs they would like to undertake. I realized while some of them had their experiences already very reflected and processed, for many others it was the first time that they were deeply thinking on those things. I left Romania because of the system.

Therefore, the findings and reflections may contribute to the existing migration theories on the topic, either supporting or challenging some of their postulates. Thus, the economic crisis brought austerity and cuts in social services where pensions and eldercare professionals were affected Peterson, Frank Teuteberg, University of Osnabrueck and Prof. Please consider the terms of application, which ends on the 15th of July Although this dissertation is not a literature review by itself, it has provide great support preparing the research itself as well as on building up the theoretical and conceptual framework.

— Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Romania was witnessing the fall of a totalitarian socialist regime, where moreover women suffered the consequences I tried not to influence their narratives with my own comments showing neutrality on certain aspects, unless they asked proactively for my opinion. The project partner meet to discuss new application areas for the eID infrastructure in Germany and Europe. For instance, children, an aspect that is going to be more precisely explained see chapter 4. It is estimated that just in the industry sector, 1.

Here it has been possible to depict, on the one side, a disparity between the security of their legal status after entering the EU and the insecurity associated with the work that many women undertake Currie, Although it might slightly be part of another section of the chapter, I include the previous work harassment testimony in this section.


However, these measures should not just be a single responsibility of Spain, but of the whole European Union.

Thus, I find extremely interesting the position that the second generation of Romanians in Spain have as a subject also of further study in the Spanish context regarding, on the one side, their identity and, on the other side, how they experience the physical border and the invisible barriers.

Is it ok if I go to their places, if I get to know their families? On the one side, their physical mobilities and, on the other side, the social and psychological mobilities as a result of the promoted labour mobility within the EU context.

On January the 23rd Prof. However in many cases, even the family relatives, they were a source of conflicts, labour competition or jealousies: International Economic Crisis The international economic crisis severely affected Spain which went into recession up to and remained untilthe peak of the crisis Therefore, domestic and care labours, the blatant result and reality of this dissdrtation, cannot be ignored without giving more attention to the general labour conditions and circumstances.

In this sense, it can also be understood as if the women themselves would not understand that they are actually workers and they are entitled to rights dissertatioj obligations. Favell diasertation the EU accession cases of Spain, Portugal or Greece15 as better examples to manage migration flows with high levels of return or circular migration. Thus, I also decided to take always with me a small notebook to write down my perceptions, feelings, talks or experiences as I was quite active every day getting involved in many activities related to my research.

dissertation saskia oldenburg

At that moment I seriously had to reconsider that option again, as I was seeing myself again back home with constrained working possibilities earning a minimum salary. Most of my interviews looked more like a talk than like an interview. On dissertatlon other side, their general background and context also reinforces that perception.


It was forbidden to think, to be critic.

So I started working there again the day after as I needed again a job. However, their labour conditions were affected, e.


Therefore concepts such brain drain, care drain and care gain have been defined. This slightly softened such moral feelings.

dissertation saskia oldenburg

They did a super long interview with me. Migrants create networks across political borders in search of economies and social advancements ibid. Structure of the Paper In this sense, migration is here represented as a form of dissidence in the search of human rights and freedom of being and expression Laliotou, In this case, even though Romanians were already EU citizens with mobility and residence rights, during the second working restriction period newcomers who came without a contract did also not have access to healthcare as they were not allowed to work thus to not to receive the card Escobar64, p.

The talent pool draws from tech entrepreneurs, leading academics, and young development program officers. This interview method allows a deeper understanding of social reality and its connection with political and legal incidence.

There are currently 4. The purpose is to understand and examine how institutional processes shape the migratory paths and labour trajectories of qualified Romanian women in Madrid, Spain. They showed attitudes of encouragement towards the other participants, giving advices and showing themselves very rescindable regarding the participants who were, for instance, working with informal contracts or were showing acceptance and resignation concerning their labour opportunities.

On the other side, of great waves of immigration.