I never prepared for tutorials because I could barely understand the content. The bell curve was really steep. As for the content, the idea is not to memorize and master all the intricate details. The content is pretty heavy though — the heaviest of all my modules this semester. Once again, unlike carbohydrate metabolism, most of the pathways here are foreign to H2 students, and there are numerous pathways and enzymes to remember. Reputation score was a score given by the system based on the number of questions designed, how well received the questions are and how many comments one writes.

I struggled quite a lot in the module and put in a large amount of time into it. This module is divided into 4 portions. In exams and tutorials, a screenshot of the SPSS input already in with its statistics will be given. Please take a moment to complete a brief survey. Students will be able to identify the benefits that exercise imparts to cardiorespiratory fitness and overall health. At times, this module felt non existent.

Those count for more in the lab report.

His notes are pretty much just pictures, so they are useless if not annotated. I left the last practical session pretty much clueless.

dsc2006 term paper

Consistent revision is required for this module as the content is really heavy. How is this a Level module?

dsc2006 term paper

Besides, some of the concepts may be less straightforward as they involve some biochemistry and chemistry in general. As for the content, the idea is not to memorize and master all the intricate details. Be prepared to scribble from the start all the way to the end.


dsc2006 term paper

I can now better appreciate what is in my food and what my body does with them. The DIN standard spread quickly to other countries.

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From the pool of MCQ questions designed by all the students, we will then need to attempt a set number of questions for participation marks and as a form of revision for the finals. International standard ISO It is chronological and interesting. The lab session are generally interesting with live demonstration of the concepts learn put into action. But more important than that I feel, is the organization of your cheat sheet — that can be brought into the exam.

Dsc2006 term paper

He is good in explaining and summarising the concepts dsc22006 each week during the lectures, usually before he starts the lesson proper. It also include a little bit of biology in the form of the concepts and science behind some of this evolution theories.

Physics on the other hand, studies the fundamental relationship between matter, energy, space, and time. It started of well with me attending all lectures and reviewing the lectures.

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But median was around The content is pretty heavy though — the heaviest of all my modules this semester. Overall I feel that this is an easy module and getting germ A- should not be too difficult if one puts in the effort — not that much to be honest.

Compared to PC, the concepts here are relatively simpler and straightforward, except maybe the latter chapters like torque and circular dxc2006, rolling motion etc. Just read the notes that the lecturer uploads.


In my opinion, a more effective way to tackle such questions is to fully understand the rationale behind the various techniques applied. The introductory module to those who may consider doing operations as a major. Overall this was the terrm enjoyable module this semester.

This module basically talks about how life on earth started with the evolution of oxygen. Disparities in healthcare have been linked to inadequate resources, view our Privacy Policy.

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Finals was tricky, and I guess I did okay. I was actually looking forward to his segment since it sounded interesting, but no. My module reviews would have mentioned the textbook that I had used for the respective modules. There will come a point when it becomes a chore to catch up on the missed lectures due to the IVLE quizzes. I felt that a pedigree analysis to determine whether the mode of inheritance for a particular disease Autosomal or x-linked, dominant or recessive would be tested, and studied for it, and one question on it came out 20marks.

For Prof Too, just study everything in his notes. All her topics can be arranged in a chronological fashion if you care to try — which is the neat part. This module is divided into 3 parts, each taken by 1 professor.