I would say that this module is really light and while not that straightforward for certain aspects, is generally rather simple. I personally enjoyed this module. This module, requiring no background in biology or the history of science, will provide a solid background for understanding how the history of biology actually unfolded through the life and work of its principal thinkers. He speaks really clearly and that was very helpful while watching his webcast — I skipped all the webcast after recess week — too busy. One 2-hour lecture weekly One 1-hour tutorial weekly No Lab. My tutor A biologist!

Basically an introduction into Ops Management, one of the specialisations for Business students. Four lectures in the entire semester first 4 weeks. Personal experience This module is divided into 3 parts, each taken by 1 professor. The lab session are generally interesting with live demonstration of the concepts learn put into action. Plus the content is not easily understood. Pretty sure no one bought them anyway.

As I did not attend any lectures, and procrastinated severely. Init was split into DIN for the A and B formats on the one hand and for the C series on the other hand.

Case in point, during both CAs 20MCQ and 2 short questionsthe 2 short question carried the same amount of marks. His portion involved quite a fair bit of graph and diagram interpretation.

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We then had to find a good paper high impact on GWAS and then present it. They seemed intent on giving us a terrible time. I started my report rather early and did a pretty good job I guess. For the first time I had sdc2006 papers within a week, and really suffered during the reading and examination week.


Centre for English Language Communication.

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If any of these reviews are unclear or you still papfr unanswered questions, feel tefm to ask us in the comments section or email plainjanesreviews gmail. The first half one third of the module was basically a recap of statistics of H2 math, normal and binomial distribution, probability and hypothesis testing. However, this is a very important module if you are interested in doing FYP and research in future.

Hence a very thorough understanding of the content and link is vital to be able to answer the questions quickly and accurately. The notes will not have any word, all this knowledge will only be from his mouth.

dsc2006 term paper

In exams and tutorials, a screenshot of the SPSS input already in with its statistics will be given. Content overload every semester, only 1 A4 cheat sheet for the finals. Efforts will be made to. She really kept each lecture short and sweet — ending usually before 1hr 30mins. The Swedish and German D series basically contain the same sizes, series paper is 1.

There was a lot of relearning as many of the well known beliefs associated with Darwin is actually false.

While the content may be heavy, the CA and finals are open book, and that greatly reduced the workload. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. This site uses cookies. This module is pretty light.


dsc2006 term paper

Understanding microbial activities and their influences on microbial diseases, industrial applications, ecology, food and water quality. I took this module as it was known to be a light module plus it ties up nicely with LSM, plus it is a core module and it fits pwper timetable with 1 bid point.

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I felt that a pedigree analysis to determine whether the mode of inheritance for a particular disease Autosomal or x-linked, dominant or recessive would be tested, and studied for it, and one question on it came out 20marks.

Mr Tan Meng Ho This module is a light module. That was where he lost me, and I never quite found my way back. The concepts got increasingly abstract as the semester went on, but I dzc2006 Vik Gopal did a really good job in explaining them.

dsc2006 term paper

Life science is the science that deals with phenomena regarding living organisms. But I did look through them.

Dsc2006 term paper

I was a at times force to watch 4 webcast in 1 sitting and it was painful. I have only 1 SU left anyway, and it can only be used as a last resort now. Following which we will need to pxper how the experiment is carried out and the molecular techniques involved and their rationale very important — Immunoprecipitation, Coimmuniprecipation, using of antibody to label proteins etc.