Suddenly the shopkeeper saw Snowy. Both of them are tall and have the same voice. Yon Aliati 16 February at The paper is divided into three sections. He came out 1st in the m and the meters event.

The classes will teach you the right way to sing. At the shopping mall, Mrs Kim asked her daughters to choose their own clothes. They were sure they would be able to reach the campsite. Now he has a better job and is earning more money. He heard someone screaming for help. Everyone in the village is fond of Zainuddin. Pak Kamal could see that the boy wished he could buy the shirt and trousers on display.

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Boo recognizes the hunter that had saved his life. It is also imported from Italy. Father bought Mona a little Japanese doll on her birthday.

The pupils are afraid of uosr but he is a good teacher. Her face lit up with joy. Emma Glour 17 January at Which head wear would you choose?

Roslan Sulaiman 3 August at After that hang up the curtains that mother had sewn. The pictures below describe the festival celebrated in our country. But he upxr not ask him any question. Besides, that the times for the classes is also just right for me and my friends. Every day I sat on the tallest tree and watched for tigers and lions.


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Many athletes are on the grassy field and on the running track in the stadium. Bern is a doctor in a hospital in Klang. Unknown 8 March at Write a letter to the Manager of The Malacca Museum. At the jetty, there was a big crowd of fishmongers.


When all the kuih are ready, both the sisters will pack them in different attractive plastic containers. Visitors to their house often-admire the sweet- wrappers. Then he went straight to the pool. Upon arriving there, they could see a big crowd of people on this golden sandy beach.

The old man was grateful to Zainal for helping him. Mona was very pleased with samplee doll. One morning a villager wanted to buy some mats.

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There, they display all their kuih at their stall. It was a hot night, so they fanned themselves with paper fans.


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The thief was shocked to find that his stick was an inch shorter than the other sticks. The third artist drew a bowl of fruits half-hidden by a yellow curtain and placed it in a corner of the hall. Captain of Hockey Team.

It was a crocodile so he screamed for everyone to get out of the water. He ran into the house and went to bed. Yon Aliati 16 February at You should visit the Sampple Zone. Zaidi and Cheong were having a contest.

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