If my GPA is below 3. We look forward to receiving your application! Selection of participants is merit based. To start your journey as a future leader by looking for ways to create impact in the society; practice of what you learn in the program to start making a difference in your community; maintain the network with fellow alums through initiatives and spread YLI impact. Check the essay topic at bit. The students are forced to work hard on their academic life. Click and find information down here:

Well, I already knew that we could not just relax and did nothing while we wait for the first forum after receiving the invitation letter of YLI. April 24 at 8: Info lebih lanjut bisa klik www. Application opens from now to September 12, at 12 PM at www. Any feedbacks and suggestions were given also.

The students are forced to work hard on their academic life. But that is only a mere thought in my mind …. Well, she is the best speaker for me: While cultural differences indeed diversify the idea appears to solve a problem, being an open minded person is a basic requirement to be able to analyze it.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This program requires a certain understanding in English as it will be delivered in English.

Lets join Young Leaders for Indonesia in the next batch!!! My GPA is below 3. I think I will share them in other stories.


essay yli mckinsey

By joining many club activities as a requirement to get a room in the dormitory, the students are asked to balance their academic and non-academic life. And this was not the only pre-work. Essay we were gathered in Forum 2, we were splitted up in several groups to present our PLP progress.

Then finally, I could make it.

YLI – Young Leaders for Indonesia — Young Leaders for Indonesia

Hmmmh … since this document can not be read, it could be downloaded using this link CV McK. People can use STAR that stands for situation, task, action, and result, which are powerful tools to make a great essay. Remember that curriculum vitae is not the list of experience which we only mention about the description of the job or participation but it is about the list of achievements, for example: If you consider highly quality of MBA scho Jakarta, Jan 20, In order to pass the interview, I personally suggest applicants to relax and contemplate about what they have written in their jli.

Eight papers, two cmpetitions are waiting to be done in the next several hours.

essay yli mckinsey

We look forward to receiving your application! Be sure to check our social media accounts for more information!

Action lays out what actions applicants took to solve. What are the requirements to apply?


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I forget to mention the best part of YLI Forum 3: YLI was intitiated by PT. But, you could help me by sharing it with your mcinsey. How can YLI benefits students who are passionate about entrepreneurship? We were assigned to help a problem of a certain company, United Tractors, in facing their problem. But that is only a mere thought in my mind … YLI Logo.

Developing the next generation of Indonesian Leaders

McKinsey Indonesia in who aspire to contribute in the talent and leadership development in Indonesia. Jakarta, Aug 25, I asked another friends studying at NTU to tell me about the web and tried to get used to it fast.

essay yli mckinsey

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! There is no preferential treatment for YLI participants who are interested to apply for consulting role in McKinsey.

Focus and understanding to be effective leaders who focus on solving problems, delivering impact and driving change in Indonesia 5.