March 8, at 6: Malgudi is perhaps the single most endearing “character” R. So this creates curiosity in the minds of the reader as to what had happened in his past that had broken this ancestral cycle and forced him to leave all of a sudden? Not sure about the answer? Shilling, the local bank manager.

Nominated by Sachi Sri Kantha [see also R. It is really very helpful…. He also realizes that Nayak had given him less money than he had promised. There is no true suffering, and rebirth is almost magical. The astrologer tries his usual tricks about talking marriage or money but the man wants to hear answers of his specific questions.

The appearance of the astrologer is very well described by the author. The astrologer had left his home under mysterious circumstances and did not rest till ob covered a couple of hundred miles.

This episode leaves us with new-found admiration for the astrologer. From ‘The World of Malgudi’ by A.

The stories, while making entertaining children’s fiction also have a more general appeal. A sense of suspense is created about the personal life or past history of the astrologer. So this creates curiosity in the minds of the reader as to what had happened in his past that had broken this ancestral cycle and forced him to leave astroloters of a sudden?

Fallon and et al. I know their background.

expository essay on an astrologers day

Concept Publishers, New Delhi. They may be rightly called Malgudi novels just as Hardy’s novels are called Wessex novels.


expository essay on an astrologers day

The story is about an astrologer, who chose to be one not out of choice but past mysterious situations in life forced him to be one. He truly possessed his world. Secondary School English 5 points.

How is the title an astrologers day a suitable title for the story give reasons?

The astrologer had committed a folly by getting into a quarrel when he was a drunk youngster, the result of which changed his entire path of life. The narration continues at its normal expected pace until an unusual client appears in the essy to consult the astrologer when the astrologer was packing up his astrology paraphernalia and was expositoory to call it a day.

The story begins with a description of the place and environment in which the astrologer meets his clients and does his work. Did he possess some uncanny powers, which could ezpository put to good use, when needed? Narayan’s first, introduces the town of Malgudi which forms the background for most of his other novels and short stories. The maharajah was of an illustrious family; expsoitory ancestors had been satraps of the last great Hindu kingdom of the south.

And he in reality bought me breakfast because I discovered it for him. The light and smoke of the crackling flare above the groundnut heap, enchantment of the place created by lack of lighting, hissing gaslights and bewildering criss-cross of light rays and moving shadows created the right setting for an astrologer.


Summary of ” An Astrologers Day ” by R.K. Narayan

Mysore had a Hindu maharajah. September 5, at 6: Narayan wrote in English about Indian life.

The work place setting described in the beginning of the story is very well gelled in evolving the critical scene of the story. This site uses cookies.

He had left his village stealthily without any previous thought or plan. Stories, Essays, Sketches What happened in the past and how it affected the lives henceforth is for all of us to see.

summary of ” An Astrologers Day ” by R.K. Narayan –

These small people of Narayan’s books, earning petty sums from petty jobs, and comforted and ruled by ritual, seem oddly insulated from history. So in India the borrowed form of the English or European novel, even when it has learned to deal well with the externals of things, can sometimes miss their terrible essence.

Narayan, in an interview given to S. Mail Us – truth is a pathless land – Home. The British put him on the throne after they had defeated the Muslim ruler.