Transmitter Model Figure For two identical linear modulated chirp signals, separated in time t d , the correlated signal is a sinusoid signal with constant frequency. The paper describes an example addressing scheme based on that idea which reduces processor stall cycles. Therefore, the time interval of interest within one modulation period is the difference between t m and t d. IF signal is preferred in signal processing because components that operate at high frequency are less stable and more expensive. The FFT size of each section is determined by the number of samples within one coherent processing interval.

Consequently, the processing of the re- ceived signal is based on the MIMO virtual array concept. For example, modern radar systems implement several DSP algorithms that help identify real targets from false targets, as well as locating noise jammers for counter-attack. In this type it is important to minimize the time required to open and close a page of the SDRAM when accessing the data for the second and the third FFT processings. This requires a wideband RF transmit and receive capability of all participant platforms. Recall that in the search mode signal processing, the detected target range is computed from the measured beat frequency f1b and f2b 2.

The concept of network-centric architecture is as depicted in Figure The produced pulse waveform is illustrated in Figure A few techniques have been tested to decrease the latency bottleneck caused by the SDRAM transpose processes, however none of them have shown any significant improvements.

Linear frequency modulated triangular waveform and the Doppler shifted received signal after [1]. By using an FPGA for a signal processing we can achieve a parallel processing of the received signals from all receiving antennas. The processing system performs digital signal processing on the received signal to extract the use- ful information such as range and velocity of the surrounded objects.


fmcw radar phd thesis

Given that the range resolution of the radar is Initially, the transmitter antenna radiates electromagnetic energy in space. It will require to use a AXI DMA core to transfer a single data sample which is not very efficient in terms of bandwidth since it pud not take advantage of the burst transfer.

The low-pass filter eliminates the higher beat frequencies as well as any noise above the filter cutoff frequency.

fmcw radar phd thesis

Signal envelope movement down-chirp sweeps. However, for the scope of this project, post-detection signal processing is left out for future investigation. Additionally, each complex multiplication contains four real multiplications and two real additions.

FMCW Signals for Radar Imaging and Channel Sounding

The main intuition behind the idea was that the access latency to the block RAM is considerably less than the SDRAM and no page opening and closing are required for accessing the data in a random order. Noise jammer architecture is less complicated when compared with that of radzr deception jammer and requires less knowledge about the victim radar.

The resultant output is what is called a beat signal whose frequency is proportional to the propagation time of the radar signal. Given the proposed jamming techniques from Chapter V, the real-world implementation requirements, challenges and solutions are investigated. Correlated signal of two identical signal waveforms with time differences.

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Therefore, we will consider the performance of the implementation to be real- time if it provides enough computational power to process the consecutive radar scannings without any delays. This makes FMCW radar vulnerable to repeater jamming. However, Xilinx documentation of the Memory Interface Controller does not provide any information related with the scheduling scheme of the raadr core.


The first one is the Nebula ring interconnect which supports all to all communication between processing tiles and hardware accelerators.

Radar Magnitude Spectrum with false target ns shift. The radar illuminates a plate target 1. Here the negative tyesis depict a target that is approaching to the radar and the positive a one that is moving away.

That being said, the range rate calculated by the radar computer will also change.

fmcw radar phd thesis

The EA system would be forced to use a generic technique rather than one specialized to exploit vulnerabilities of the specific threat. The additional time delay that is needed for the false target to move up one range bin is!

Figure 3 illustrates the triangular waveform modulation and resultant beat frequency. However, the real-time performance on the architecture cannot be achieved due to the high fcmw introduced by the memory transpose operations.

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The FFT output of the correlated signal is shown in Figure Early research investigation of the anti-jamming aspect of linear FM pulse compression technique is provided in [3]. The output of this transpose operation will have x32x12 3D matrix format where the third dimension contains the data from all virtual antennas.

The radar jamming pod trainer is capable of performing direct or modulated noise jamming as well as repeater jamming.

Experiments supporting the theoretical result are designed using both computer simulation and physical hardware. In this case, the transpose operation will take the 12xx32 3D matrix and output the x32x12 3D matrix.