The average predictive validity of intimate partner violence risk assessment instruments. This paper has 57 citations. Substance use problems 6. Those items associated with changes in recidivism were then subjected to a stepwise multiple regression to eliminate item redundancy Epperson, et al. A practitioner’s view of risk assessment:

Multiple sex offense types Violence, mental disorder and risk assessment: Extreme minimization or denial of sex offenses Authorities still write articles urging the seemingly impossible: Additional studies are needed to address these questions.

We practitioners have watched in distress as our academic colleagues have said that predicting future violent acts cannot be done at a level better than chance, that in fact we have been over-predicting future violence, as evidenced in Baxtrom Baxtrom v.

The PCL-R measures two factors: Log In Sign Up. Finally, the scale can be deconstructed into its component items and factors, and each component examined for its ability to predict recidivism.

DolanAfshan Khawaja Past non-sexual violent offenses Should one give each item equal bibllography

hcr 20 review and annotated bibliography

By Vivienne de Vogel. Substance use problems 6.

A meta-analysis of sexual offender recidivism studies. The SVR psychosocial adjustment section appears overly dense with general criminality items, the weaker of the two above factors in predicting sex offenses. The prediction of criminal and violent recidivism among mentally disordered offenders: Citations Publications citing this paper. Physical harm annotatdd victim s in sex offenses Multiple sex offense types Behavioral Sciences and the Law Behav.


hcr 20 review and annotated bibliography

Its items have a unique dual bibliogfaphy method: The HCR’s total score is used for the above research, although this is not how the authors recommend using the scale in practice. The utility of the Historical Clinical Risk Scale as a predictor of outcomes in decisions to transfer patients from high to lower levels of security-A UK perspective Mairead C.

hcr 20 review and annotated bibliography

Second, some of the PCL-R criteria assessing antisocial lifestyle factor 2 are similar to HCR items, such as prior supervision failure, employment problems, relationship instability, early maladjustment, and plans that lack feasi- bility.

Automated Risk Assessment for School Violence: The Contribution of Age-at-release. Conceptually, bcr division of items into past historicalpresent clinicaland future risk management is easy to grasp.

Annotated Bibliography – Dr. Kevin S. Douglas, LL.B., Ph.D.

The aim of this study was to assess the potential for future violent behaviour comparing patients recruited from forensic and general psychiatric wards in Germany. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the….


Consequently, the HCR is double counting these items.

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Major mental illness 5.

Annotated Bibliography

Delbello Psychiatric Quarterly Structured risk assessment of sexual violence in forensic clinical practice. Assessing Risk for Violence, Version, 2. There are two problems with this reliance on the PCL-R. Uses weapons or threats of death in sex offenses The manual also provides studies of the HCR up toa relatively scant literature consisting of reliability and validity studies in correctional, forensic psychiatric, and civil psychiatric settings.

Mental disorder and violent behavior. Authorities still write articles urging the seemingly impossible: The manual itself provides the research literature supporting the selection of each risk item.