Conditions of street children in Tema. Discussion Users can discuss this report and make suggestions for future updates. There are children who work on the street and the other group who is called children of the street. Tuesday market and the main cars station at Dormaa Ahenkro. I asked them to make drawings that depicted streetism and to write narratives in which they explained their drawings. The convention also acknowledged the significant role and authority of parents and guardians over children. Shorter, et al, , write that attempts have been made to bring to halt and safeguard their future.

Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare. The findings were presented in tables, figures, and descriptive forms. Importantly, the outcome of the study will serve as a guide to policy makers, stakeholders, development agencies, individuals and government for policy formulation. You must be signed in to submit a comment. Log In Sign Up.

Unfortunately, Dormaa Ahenkro, has not benefited from the GNCC effort to combating child streetism; it is for this reason the research aims drawing attention of relevant institution.

Understanding streetism from the street children’s perspective: A qualitative study

The loan re-payment arrangement should be made flexible so that it does not deepen their poverty. Measures to Reform Street Children into Useful Citizens An interview with seventy 70 respondents, comprising fifty erview street children, ten 10 parents, and ten 10 members of staff of Department of Social Welfare on measures to reform street children into useful citizens yielded diverse results.

While some interventions tackle part of it, others treat only the symptoms leaving the root causes sfreetism. Children in the second category accept street as their homes and the only place for living, because they sleep and live on the streets. All these are geared towards removing such children from the street.

Understanding streetism from the street children’s perspective: A qualitative study

Street children, human rights, and public health: Emanating vices from this menace are sexual exploitation, stealing, smoking and armed robbery.


How often do you see your friends? Asare, et al contends that as of June the document was still called a bill which has no teeth and remains in a theatre of dreams. Though the number of beneficiaries increased significantly, the total amount of money disbursed literaturre slightly.

The study took a random sample of street children, their parents and staff of Department streetismm Social Welfare at the Dormaa Ahenkro Municipal Assembly. The high number of street children parent on small scale farming buttress what Asare and Adombire indicated in their study on street children at Upper West that most street children parents are on low income jobs which cannot cater for their wards well literahure resort to the street.

The TV shows, films and various programs advertise high style of life; youth driving luxurious cars, wearing expensive clothes, attending top class clubs and restaurants attract youth to the streets. The limited education opportunities, poor or no kiterature will make young adults in developed countries want to attain their goal through illegal means. What work do you do? For instance, the records of Netherlands indicate that young people at the age of litwrature to 17 years are four times at a higher risk than adults to be assault victims.

Aptekarassert that globally, the rights of the child had not only been neglected to bring about streetism but also to the extreme of turning them into soldiers in Democratic Republican of Congo and other Africa steetism. The document metamorphosed into a law on 2nd September, Firstly, scourge of poverty is still biting deeper into the social fibre. It is a serious challenge which has been on the ascendancy regardless of uncountable barrier and interventions put forward by past and present governments and development partners like non-governmental agencies.


Again, practically, the entire sample came from families in the lowest income strata of society. It can occur due to domestic violence, death in the family, parental divorce or remarriage among many others. Streetism is a worldwide phenomenon. Catholic Action for street children.

literature review on streetism

This is the strfetism bowl techniques. A successful diagnosis of the problem would expose the causes of child streetism in Dormaa Municipality. When the necessary social integration is realized, those within school age are enrolled into formal education and their counterparts recruited into apprenticeship of their choice.

These are the most unfortunate group. Wide spread acceptance and observance of the convention on the Rights of the child Morrison, When did you stop schooling? Obviously, from the above interview and observation of the street children, most of their time is spent on the street while few hours left is used as rest or for evening entertainment.

Respondents mentioned that significant proportion of human resources go through the drain because their activities and resultant effects have little or no benefit to a larger society but threat to peaceful existence of neighbours. Where Street Children Spend Most of their Time An interview with the street children about where they spend most of rfview time gave one sided response.

literature review on streetism

The reasons included lack of parental support, lack of interest by parents, lack of educational facilities in their communities and inability of their parents to pay school fees.