The computed V is compared with the observed values and the values obtained through Manning formula. The lowest Turbidity of Malir River is 0. Comparison of constitutive flow resistance equations based on the Manning and Chezy equations applied to natural rivers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Content on this site remains the property of Arif Hasan, though it is free to use and distribute for both personal and commercial uses.

This natural arrangement had a good water circulation. Zoological Survey of Pakistan, It depends upon the roughness coefficient n and hydraulic radius R. Principal component analysis of Chinna creek water samples is presented in Table 4. This page was last edited on 27 November , at We are thankful to the Director, Institute of Environmental Studies, University of Karachi to provide the lab facility.

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lyari river research paper

Extremely acidic pH causes heavy metals to accumulate at sub soil, where high pH researcb detrimental for microorganisms. It is worth noting that in the proposed V, the Cmodel is non- dimensional while in the earlier works in which Chezy C is modified, are all dimensional. Malir River is located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The work commenced in without any public consensusas a result of which large numbers of houses and schools were demolished on the reasons of Informal settlements.

Rkver Channels in Alluvium. However, any reproduction of the material made available here must be credited to rlver source, and if used online in any way, a link back to this site must be lyarl. With the passage of time there was a thick growth of mangroves in the area, which promoted siltation to the extent that the water reservoir capacity was drastically reduced resulting in loss of natural dredging effect. Malir River is one of the two rivers passing through Karachi and the other is Lyari River.


The formula is widely used in U. The lowest Turbidity of Malir River is 0.

It is a seasonal river and flows only when it rains in its catchment area. The study area Chinna creek is about 5.

lyari river research paper

lyar Hence, monitoring of marine coastal environment is essential to formulate a viable management strategy6. Principal component analysis of water samples of Malir river creek is presented in Table 3. Combination technology of ceramic microfiltration desearch reverse osmosis for tannery wastewater recovery. It indicates that microbes present in wastewater are utilizing oxygen present in water known as dissolved oxygen DO very rapidly to degrade organic matter.

The discharges, storages and depths are computed using the proposed Cmodel. As a seasonal river it carries the collected water after the rains in the catchment area. Almost all the parameters crossed the guidelines of National Environmental Quality Standards except pH. Study and interpretation of the chemical characteristics of natural water.

The river is the main contributor to an estimated amount of million Imperial gallons Wastewater from various industries containing chemicals and detergents are dumped into the river without any treatment which causes high level pollution and destruction of the natural environment.

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Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 42 2: Abstract In this research an attempt rresearch been pretended to dissect the conduct and the pollution index of Malir River and Chinna Creek contaminated with untreated domestic and industrial wastewater and finally dump into Arabian Sea.


Citizens Concerns and Community Opposition Abstract The Northern Bypass was proposed by the Karachi Master Plan to create a direct link between the Port and the Super Highway to the north, as a result of which, heavy diesel port related traffic would not have to pass through the city. Engineering Hydrology Principles and Practices.

China Creek receives about 16 million gallons of untreated wastewater per day and toxic wastes of Karachi city, through Nehr-e-Khayyam, TPX drain and a drain from the Habib Public School. Direct integration of Manning-based gradually varied flow equation.

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Hand book of applied Hydrology. Similar topics of scientific paper in Pyari and related environmental sciencesauthor of scholarly article — Sadia Tariq, Moazzam Ali Khan, Aamir Alamgir Assessment of the characteristic of nutrients, total metals, and fecal coliform in Researfh Laut River, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Skip to main content. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Turbidity variation ofMalir River ranges from 2. For Lead values vary from 6.