The students are able to practically apply methods and knowledge from other courses and show that they are able to develop a content strategy project in a way that is method-driven. The research project Apprenticeship Q deals with the quality control of practical parts in higher vocational education Technician, Master, Bachelor. Studying is a good start. Football brings people together — whether in stadiums or on local football pitches. And what do statistics and mathematics have to do with this?

News Stories Events Projects. How do you start out in the construction industry? Between and experiments were conducted investigating ways in which people could reinvent and share in shaping their city. Students on the Sustainable Food Management degree programme are working on two research projects focusing on using insects as a source of food. We offer 22 Master’s degree programmes for which you can still apply until 27 May The Europe strategy fully recognizes the potential of migration for building a competitive and sustainable economy and they set out as a clear political

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The degree programmes run by the Institute address topics such as game based learning and serious game design. Get all the information you need to choose your ideal bachelor or master programme with our easy to use course finder.

The Regional Observatory for the Quality of Equity in Higher Education in Latin America aims to be a space for exchanging experiences, preparing studies and Are cryptocurrencies actually currency? Football brings people together — whether in stadiums or on local football pitches. So the question arises: Cryptocurrencies are a current topic and raise these Learning Method Project Work respectively 7 units in the second week of face-to-face instruction and on the second face-to-face weekendindividual practice-based project or independent part of a practical project.


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Mobile Software Development is the new co-op Bachelor’s degree programme that starts in autumn After working mastrr remotely, the student teams of blendedAIM met on Crete, Greece, to present their projects to their Belgian clients. They learn how to integrate feedback from practitioners in order to determine their future learning path, especially for carrying out their master thesis project.

This equation certainly sums up Katharina Karner. Binary code is everywhere in our living environment.

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The project aims to promote smart specialisation of tertiary education in the new EU member states Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia to help students acquire Serbia is faced with the challenge of quickly establishing a functioning training system for IT experts, which will meet the urgent needs of the labor market Vh does it take to derive knowledge from large sets of data?

SMART-watch seeks to ensure that This is the journey they have to complete. The project NoHate WebStyria explores the online hate speech phenomenon, understood as insults on the Internet due to personal characteristics of ethnic Katharina helped researchers to find an Complex electronics meet creativity and a love of detail: The Institute’s expertise in information design in media and interaction spaces includes visual communications, exhibition design and responsive environments.


master thesis guide fh joanneum

This includes the design and development of real-time 3D simulation environments using real world interfaces guife the purposes of training and education.

Design expertise and skills, user-centred methods and field research are all important components of our degree programmes.

As an applied research True to the motto: This involves research and development of game concepts and games which are both entertaining and educational. From guiee design to recycling buildings: This site uses Cookies and Third-Party Applications to serve personalized content.

Global satellite navigation systems GNSS play an ever increasing role in all areas of life, bringing with them the dangers of intentional interference. Analytical and conceptional preparation of a content strategy project as well as creating the necessary prerequisites and conditions for it. Are cryptocurrencies as trustworthy as standard forms of payment? Dominik Glawogger recently made the news as the youngest professional football trainer in Austria. The Europe strategy fully recognizes the potential of migration for building a competitive and sustainable economy and they set out as a clear political More about Cookies and Data Protection.

master thesis guide fh joanneum

OBELICS addresses the urgent mwster for new tools to enable multi-level modelling and testing of EV and their components in order to deliver more efficient News Stories Events Projects.