First was the permanent exhibition which would be a mainstay for the following 10 years. I’m interested in the whole security field, but I have a soft spot for privacyi. Essentially art becomes interactive when audience behavior can change the artwork Edmonds, He had used these models previously to make it clear for the other staff involved in the construction and design what steps needed to be made, and now he used the same models to make that clear to me. It could be room for some interaction with any type of interactive media outside the visit to the museum but any proposal should have the overarching goal to make people visit Dansmuseet. In analyzing the results, three core motives for the photographs taken were discovered: As shown in figure 38 the first screen is very general, where the user can choose their language.

In terms of applying the concept to Dansmuseet it was very well received as it was viewed as placing the visitor in a broad enough perspective to allow the technology to give insight as to what dance can be. Also, users are presented with the option of creating their own images. She was overall positive towards a game-solution and did feel that overall an application needed to be more activating rather than focus on information. Publishing year From To. What if the information could be presented through a theatrical stage, or puppet theaters?

A detailed description of the visit at Tom Tits follows.

master thesis kth csc

In the discussion chapter I compare what I learnt from my design process with other information I have uncovered. The hobbyist will only be interested in the knowledge contained within the exhibition, and the facilitator will want something to nurture their social interaction when undertaking the museum visit. This was important since it was hard for them to convey what type of approach they wanted to choose without knowing what options were available, so in essence this method made it possible to widen the design-space available.

It is believed that around the beginning of the s was the time when museums in general realized that they could allow alternative interpretations to matter, as well as allowing visitors to explore the exhibitions more freely Samis, However, there are some perspectives and aspects regarding the technology on a broader scale that is important to dsc.


master thesis kth csc

According to Richard and Jonathan kty was easy to implement and cheap as well, making it very accessible for the museum. Publishing year From To. However at the time of my beginning to work on the project there was essentially no exhibition formed, just the empty exhibition spaces.

The concept is mastee hide information, in this case within tablets that are found by punching in the individual numbers from the exhibition items, thus providing information to the individual who searches for it.

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Starting screen Figure The term trajectory has been used to study interactive technology within museums and the goal is to use the name trajectory to put a label on the exploration of any type of museum artifacts whether they are ghesis or not. Other types of approaches with their basis in image-recognition technology might prove to be a good alternative in the future. It is hard to say what effects this proposal may have on the trajectory of any visitors.

The BIIF has nodes in both Uppsala and Stockholm, but the assignment includes services to researchers at other universities in Sweden as well. Walker et al, It csd have a pretty high level of interactivity and a contrast to the established showcases so it does have a sense of playability as a concept.

I also had this workshop after the student workshop as I wanted to suggest tkh of the generated ideas and see how well they cdc received.

Experience seekers may or may not find the interaction substantial and rechargers may or may not find the interaction as a satisfying factor in their quest to relax within the museum environment.

Since the majority of people were students this workshop was henceforth referenced as oth student workshop”. My design process shows that an iterative design process that is participatory and uses prototype proposals in this fashion can provide a great understanding of the design challenge.


Is the technology used in the approach lasting, or will it be outdated too soon? What this means is that users could create their own context unlike the one designed by the museum staff and share it with other Instagram users.

It is argued that it is this process behind the object, the journey throughout history and the different interpretations is the actual worth of the object, rather than the object itself. Casual Mask Msater The Dance wall was an example of full body interaction. It has been documented that visitors who had pre-existing knowledge regarding the exhibit could convey more information since they had learnt more.

However, even in the field of gaming, with examples like Nintendo Wii and the Xbox Kinect, there czc been successful examples of utilizing intuitive and alternative ways to interact with media. You are the main responsible to ensure that your application is complete according to the ad.

This approach would make it possible to present those sounds within the museum environment. You’ll find the most up-to-date work there, along with issue trackers etc. These examples are chosen based on the presentation oriented goals that I presented in thesiis 1 and overall the examples and literature used here will only be presented if it has some bearing on the factors relevant to the design challenge at Dansmuseet.

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My Museum Collection This was one of the few suggestions that were based on smartphone technology. These memories become stronger depending on three factors: Facilitators will probably find it interesting, and since the poses can be shared after the activity has been partaken in there is room for interaction post-visit that facilitators might further cherish.

While this is a concept that is not entirely new, the access to portable technology like smartphones have probably made this technological approach more possible today.