And if any one of you has seen the CAT quant section, you know what I am talking about here. There was one guy, Spandan, who was regarded as the brainiest guy in our branch, and he started the trend of preparing for the CAT. But the experience was of lifetime. P1 – So recite few lines. This new search engine reveals so much more. I was being paid reasonably well, had a bike and roamed around the lively streets of Delhi.

You dismissed this ad. During the final 30 days to CAT, I analysed my old mock tests once again. Test Registration number, the unique identity number give to every CAT taker. Probably the distress signal can be cancelled by the app to prevent hoax calls. Prof joins back in. The counselor asked my sectional breakups. Filling forms, carrying the requisite stuff etc was quite arduous.!

Probability and Stochastic Processes is one.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Since I started preparing on AugustI had had very little time to go through the basics. I would like to end it by quoting a dialogue from the movie Shawshank Redemption something that I always used to keep saying to myself whenever I needed inspiration.

Was greatly helped by shashank You jog or sttudy run. Although everyone aspires to be there, the reality is that aspirations can help you only that much. I would kill or be killed for an IIM this time. I spent a month on writing atudy and getting it reviewed by my friends Pradeep and Spandan. This is just a small recount of the journey of a ‘boy next door’ and a few suggestions to the future CAT takers based on it.


Analysing every question after the test, grasping concepts, rectifying silly mistakes and refining my strategy! Before taking another mock, I used to studj go through that sheet. Then I came to know about the result ii, SMS thing.

pagalguy case study iim bangalore

How come you scored so well then? When a manager tells someone to do something, they do it because they are told to do it. P1 – Which dance form did you learn? We replaced the Bookman Old Style font with the Baskerville font to improve the reading experience. Me – in a flash of a second There is no advantage of a big family!

The PaGaLGuY Slog Blog — PaGaLGuY is a Case-study at IIM Bangalore !

This meant that attempt was going to be crucial. Instead, try to beat them using your strong points. The case case was the Scrablous one and the group was quite decent in discussing the stuff.

My mother encouraged me that I will get something good at the end bangaolre it all. I’m the second last to go in.


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So, it was over.! Someone advised that Caase should choose a slot in the middle of the testing period, as the end slots might be difficult as more people came to know of questions from earlier slots.

pagalguy case study iim bangalore

Oh god today is a total mess They called us for the test before I could get the documents photocopied. And the rest, as they say, was history. When I keyed in my details, this is what I got, Congratulations!!! I did not know the difference stkdy a sitter question and an ordinary question.

Me – Talked about such cases pagalguh how I turn my weaknesses into strengths during such situations. Finally, I had a complete strategy. Joined a famous teacher in Bangalore, and was amazed with the quality of stuff there.

Finally, the case started and it was exciting to do Math after so many months. Now what was the first thing to do? Sir, actually in Odia, it is called “Odisha”. This pagaguy also our school.

To say that I was sad for him, would be an understatement.