However got chance to be part of prestigious IIMB alumni and with this comes a huge Networking chain. If you need any further additional inputs, write to me. The American and the Indian? Hi, You can feel free to call me in my cell on any working day between 4 — 5PM. Can you suggest me which is better: Its a balance point considering no placements but also you would be earning at job.

Do you see cultural differences in your interaction with them? Second company got merged with someone and was not doing well. Owing to all these factors, I do not feel that India is losing its advantage but is moving to a higher place in the chain. It was in M23 class. But this is purely an assumption. I didn’t get enough time but I had prepared well before leaving for marriage and also my previous CAT preparation comes handy here.

It was the second step of the PGSEM admission process and after a few weeks of trying to catch up with what was pgswm in the world of business or otherwise and forming opinions on it, it had all boiled down to that morning. I once had the opportunity to be on a mail trail that was a discussion about a clause on our legal contract with the end client about how many hours of work the consultant needed to put in.

Anyways, congrats and sssay of luck Yes I do although my communication is primarily on mail and sometimes on the phone. So now would be a good time. If ou need any additional details after pgxem through the website you can write to me. But if you see in Europe, all the countries have a different language but the culture is almost the same whether you go to Germany, France etc.


Its with all private sector. Weather was just awesome with its drizzling in Bangalore on that day.

pgsem essay topics

Could you please share those experiences too? My Exam goes well.

Sample without education

My search started at that time to find a suitable course that can work out for me. I have around 3 years of work experience in software development. Most of the students in my class came through that route. Email required Address never made public.

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Anyway, at 9 am we were given the topic — Issues and challenges before Human Resource Management in India. All the members left. I write the exam on 13th Feb, in the very first week after returning from my marriage and Honeymoon.

They also asked some questions on my SOPhobbies and my interest in Social service etc. So I was a little apprehensive about how I should say it went. So yes, delivery clauses.

pgsem essay topics

It was a long wait. Picked up a copy of the book and spent for couple of months every day a minimal of 15 minutes to sometime an hour or so in solving the puzzles in the book after understanding the basic fundamentals.


I moved to this role from a technical profile because it involves communicating with people and is more business oriented, which is where I want to be, on the business side. Hi, thanks for stopping by Keeping my fingers crossed!!! There could be clauses relating to early termination of resourcing if the services are no longer required before the contract term expires.

When major performance issues and design, coding safety problems were reported in the avionics software of our product essayy adheres to stringent FAA software safety standards ; based on my demonstrated technical abilities, I was given the technical leadership responsibility to resolve the crisis.

To re-orient, adapt and spot the opportunities will ultimately lead one to success.

IIM Bangalore PGSEM MBA Blog: Remembering The PGSEM Interview

Shamit Bagchi January 29, 5: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Thanks for the inputs. Having worked in the software industry for pgsemm years, I have closely seen the software development life-cycle.

Hope I will be able to make it by Feb. The rest, I left to them to decide. But in the Indian stories, the cultural references change based on which part of the country the writer is from.