There is always a buzz of activity, even on Fridays, when children typically are distracted by thoughts of a school-free weekend. Model Teachers showcase their classrooms and assist other teachers in improvement Identify the critical professional development activities you use to improve teaching and student learning. The school is proud of its wellness policies which include a lot of physical activity under the guidance of a licensed phys ed teacher and 10 am healthy snacks for all. Provider Appreciation Awards Ceremony May 11, Jonathan Fickies Science teacher Loretta McFadden leads an afterschool science lab that emphasizes tactile learning of scientific concepts. After serving in the U. United Federation of Teachers a union of professionals.

How many teachers say they would recommend this school to other families? Comments Is this your school? United Federation of Teachers a union of professionals. Describe the program or initiative that has had the greatest positive effect on student achievement, including closing achievement or opportunity gaps, if applicable. The picture was then projected on a screen so the jury could see it clearly. It enrolls many students who arrive with little grasp of English.

From School Directories Pre-K seats. Teacher Leaders are responsible for working with their grade level teams to implement, revise and modify our systems and structures.

After serving in the U. The hallways are also split, clearly denoting with signs which rooms are designated for English immersion and which for Spanish immersion. Community organizations such as Ifetayo and the CAMBA hold extracurricular programs after-hours and on Saturdays in the building that are free-of-charge for PS students.


P.S. 249 The Caton

You have entered an incorrect email address! Prosecutors offered a much different picture of what happened in questioning one of the girls on Friday. Legrand asked if she was touched only once or if there were multiple times. Browse Instruction Leadership Policy. We also promote student autonomy and visible learners. To serve them, the school offers a dual language Spanish-English classes.

Defense attorney Anthony LaPinta asked the witness when she had Carrasquillo as her teacher — she replied that he had taught her in the third and fourth grades. Theres a drama jomework on staff. Homewori does this school serve? He worked at Hokework for eight years before he resigned following his arrest, avoiding the reassignment office, where he could have continued to receive his salary.

How many English language learners scored on the state math exam?

Caton School Teacher Denies Sexual Abuse Despite Testimony

If convicted, Carrasquillo faces a maximum of three to seven years in prison for each child abused. She testified that this occurred when she was a year-old fourth shcool. Title I funds are used to support high quality professional development and purchase a variety of books for each classroom library. Is this school safe and well-run?

ps 249 caton school homework

Everyone must buy into the improvement of the school. There are also before-school, after-school, and Saturday test-prep sessions.

Closing arguments for the case were set for Wednesday at 10 a. From School Quality Guide How many teachers have 3 or more years of experience teaching?


Distinguished Schools: PS , The Caton School

That’s mostly because of “Super Science Fridays,” an entire school-day each week devoted to science-related instruction. School improvement involves all constituents in the school community.

ps 249 caton school homework

Kindergartners start with one period a day in which they are immersed in their non-native language; upper grades have more. From this school’s most recent Quality Review Report Are teachers effective? Volunteer your schol, send us your comments or make a tax-deductible donation to help us help you find the best school for your child.

ps 249 caton school homework

Describe how data is used to improve student achievement and inform decision making. Please enter your name here. Jonathan Fickies Teacher Gillian Shotwell helped develop the idea of combining professional development and afterschool intervention for students struggling academically. In addition to sexual abuse, he is charged with child endangerment.

Artists from the Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy teach African dance, drumming, drama, capoiera and art. In homewoek testimony, Carrasquillo said that he would hug his students, give them high fives and pat them.