Students undertake a practical task or tasks that are either set by the awarding body or devised by their teachers. Pipe was SAW, it means that: The definition of yield point could be considered to be very closely related to the accuracy of strain measurement and for most conventional materials changing the point we use will only serve to penalise a material and potentially increase cost. Analysis and ultrasonic validation”. Young’s Modulus determination requires very accurate strain measurement using a modern extensometer and an accurate force cell. Ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

Do we mean when one dislocation slips by one Burgers Vector or may be dislocations of may be By definition, the true stress-strain curve, instead of engineering one, should be used. Taking away the mechanical “slack” would help the material behavior more isotropically. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A. How is it possible? Young’s Modulus determination requires very accurate strain measurement using a modern extensometer and an accurate force cell. Today, the same is true.

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young modulus of copper coursework

If you did adjust alignment and used strain gauges attached to the test piece you may get somewhere but the best method to accurately determine the modulus of courswork use either resonance or ultrasonic measurement. You don’t want to be measuring residual stress and calling something else.

quality of measurement coursework youngs modulus

As was pointed out by Maui there will be little change coursedork to the majority of variables so as long as we have a useable number for design work all should be good. I am imagining if the Mudulus could vary a bit at different directions when the sample is a single crystal?


You can’t use the engineering yield point for modulus calculation.

The type of extensometer needed would be a BS Grade D and these types of device don’t maintain their calibration accuracy for a few days at least in my experience Averaging extensometers may help but the class is still important.

The values of the elastic moduli depend primarily on the types of interatomic bonds that are present and the crystal structure. Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members!

quality of measurement coursework youngs modulus

I meant to true curve, but my fingers failed to follow my brain. Hi, Just to get the correct context of this coursework, this sounds to me like an AS level assignment. Even a regression analysis will be problematic as is there is a measurement error in the basic loading line you will just be fitting incorrect data. Unless yoyngs need values at a specific load or temp then using acoustic measurements is the easiest.

quality of measurement coursework youngs modulus

Definition of Steel Young Modulus Gpa I agree with the comments about modulus depending on interatomic bonding and the way it dominates behaviour. If the accuracy of YM is important to you, donot use an existing stress-strain curve, you may want to desgin an experiment taking the followings into account: FennLane, thanks for correction.

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Please could you clarify this. The next problem with using tensile test machines will be due to the Class of Measuerment. In the case of an object shaped like a rectangular prism, it will deform into a parallelepiped. Upload document Create flashcards. Several models exist that attempt to predict the shear coursewlrk of metals and possibly that of alloys.


But you must use long samples, with long range extensometers, or optical ones. Resources Today, the market is saturated with groundbreaking design projects and competition from around the world. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A. Buy your school textbooks, materials and every day products via PF Here! Definition of Steel Young Modulus Gpa Ed’s statement “tensile measuremnt different, while Mudulus does not, based on testing directions” appears inconsistent.

Definition of Steel Young Modulus Gpa is a strange number. As Brittle Elastic materials don’t have moodulus work hardening capability this will seriously impact on their ability to tolerate defects and I would imagine that an LEFM approach may be better and evaluating these types of material and KIC may be a better guide to is performance.

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Thread starter roserose Start date Apr 19, Close this window and log in. The load and un-load cycles are important to take any ‘slack’ out of the system. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. The reality becomes what we really mean by yield point for materials that exhibit a ‘continuous’ yield and there is no clear ‘point’.

Finding Exam Past Papers Online. To be honest I didn’t recognize a significant difference between the two directions Long and Transv.