Your Name and contact details. Knowledge of the firm Although firms will look at your commitment to being a lawyer, they will also look at your commitment to being part of that particular firm. For complaints, use another form. Start by reading law firm websites and look at the different practice groups that firms have, the rotations available, the range of pro bono work firms undertake, and the overall structure of the clerkship programs. Some firms even run in-house events for law students to visit their offices and network with potential future colleagues. If you have a background in a practice area a firm has, it will be viewed favourably. I like to highlight the strengths of my application and state that these will enable me to quickly be an asset to the firm.

Some firms also require students to answer additional questions as part of the clerkship application process. Although you may not get a chance to exhibit some of these skills as a summer clerk, firms are looking for people to give these opportunities to as they progress in their career. An interview is a chance for the employer to see how well you can communicate verbally. From Careers Fairs to Cover Letters: Lawyers Plus is a corporate mid tier firm with over 20 partners, with a Securities and Taxation Law focus. Firms like to see you have conducted extensive research and read about how unique they are. At these events there are usually a lot of students clamouring for a few minutes with the recruitment partner or clerkship recruitment manager.

It is these skills that law firms will seek to utilise. Theory and Practice of Public Lawyering: For the most part, lawyers have to translate complex legal concepts to provide clear advice to clients.

– Law (Clerkships) Sample Cover Letter

If you have a background in a practice area a firm samplw, it will be viewed favourably. You can expect to spend almost as much time researching your clerkship applications as you would a law assignment. Unless you have thoroughly researched and tailored your cover letter, you do not stand much of a chance.


For complaints, use another form. Your interest in particular areas is not only reflected through previous employment. Leadership Skills What are leaders? I believe that I have been able to develop professional skills during my voluntary and casual work that are both relevant and transferable to legal practice and which meet the key requirements of your firm. Add this document to saved. I cannot guarantee this will get you a clerkship interview, as variables such as grades and prior legal work experience can affect your chances of getting a clerkship.

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seasonal clerkship cover letter sample

In your CV, highlight activities that demonstrate samplle competence as a communicator: Find us on social. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users.

Your work experience or other activities may demonstrate that you are a team player and are confident in working in a group to achieve an aim. Your cover page should be one page in length and no smaller than 11 point font. Cover Letter Remember that the point of a cover covfr is not to re-write your resume in prose form.

– Law (Clerkships) Sample Cover Letter

Leaders are people who take initiative, are proactive, make key decisions, are organised and manage larger groups. What distinguishes that firm from others?

seasonal clerkship cover letter sample

Double and triple check your application before submitting it. This sentence is important. How important are academic results?

seasonal clerkship cover letter sample

Remember that your personal worth is not connected to whether or not you get a summer clerkship. Law firms look for a wide range of skills in prospective employees. Researching law firms helps you to tailor your application to each employer, which allows you to demonstrate your genuine interest in that particular law firm.


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You are not doomed if you do not get a clerkship. If you make a good or terrible impression at a pre-clerkship event, representatives are likely to make a mental note of your name and keep an eye out for your application when they start to arrive. Law Student Life In the second substantive paragraph you will then cover your legal work experience, written and oral communication skills, time management skills, team work skills and any relevant extracurricular interests.

Firms love JD students who have prior industry experience in sectors their clients flerkship in. This structure is ideal as it gives you the opportunity to show how hard you have researched the firm, shows how enthusiastic you are about the firm, and enables you to weave your previous experiences into the paragraphs to show what you can bring to the firm.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my application and prospects further with you, I can be contacted on Yours sincerely, Jenny Courthouse monash. Make it interesting — your fantastic problem solving skills and stellar work ethic xeasonal key selling points, but reach for a thesaurus and consider how you can present this information in a more engaging way. Communication skills Whether it be written or verbal — communication skills are vital samlle success as a lawyer.