Preparing for Gudi Padwa Image: Thereafter, a silver or copper pot is placed over it in inverted position. The saree, which can be in a variety of bright colors, is draped in such a way that the bottom half looks more like dhoti pants than a long skirt. It is believed that hoisting the Gudi outside ones home wards off any evil influences, making way for good luck and prosperity. After that, silver or copper pot placed over it in the inverted position.

The significance of this custom is to mark the commencement of the festivities. It starts from the month of Chaitra and in this month the first day of Gudi Padwa marked. The festival is observed with colorful floor decorations called rangoli , a special Gudhi flag garlanded with flowers, mango and neem leaves, topped with upturned silver or copper vessel , street processions, dancing and festive foods. The purpose to start to celebrate the army day is to give It is celebrated on the first day of Hindu Month of Chaitra. Everyone dresses up in padwa clothes and it is a time for family gatherings. In other parts of India [13] this festival is celebrated during.

short essay on gudi padwa in english

It is believed that Chhattrapati Shivaji Maharaj, celebrated leader of the Maratha clan, led the troops to victory and attained freedom for the kingdom from the dominion of the Mughals in that area. Glossary of Hinduism terms Hinduism portal. Follow us on Facebook. Vaishnavism Shaivism Shaktism Smartism.

Every one is expected to see this thal, first thing in the morning. In the Brahma Purana, it padaw been written that it was on this day only that Lord Brahma recreated the world, after the inundation that devastated it.


However, this is not the universal new year for all Hindus. Samhita Brahmana Aranyaka Upanishad. Thereafter, a silver or copper pot is placed over it in inverted position.

This, like the pacchadi recipe used in Ugadi festival, is eaten as a reminder of life’s sweet and bitter englsih, as well as a belief that the neem-based mixture has health benefits. This is the reason why the festival is celebrated with such grand festivities. It is visible to everybody. Leave a comment Click here to cancel reply.

Villages or neighborhoods also come together and host a community Gudhi Kavadwhich they carry together to the local Shiva temple.

Gudi Padwa – The Indian Festival

Report typo or correction. While women may wear sarees or salwar kameez, the men wear kurta pajamaspreferably in the color white. Encyclopedia of New Year’s Holidays Worldwide. It is more info that Lord Brahma created the world on this day and is therefore worshipped.

short essay on gudi padwa in english

The Sindhi community celebrates this day as Cheti Chand as the new year and observed as the emergence day of Lord Jhulelaal. Many men and women also tie a turban around their heads in saffron colored cotton cloth. This festival is celebrated on the first day of the month of Chaitra, according to the Hindu calendar, which usually falls during March-April according to the Gregorian calendar. Gudi is made by tying a bright green or yellow cloth, adorned with shorg zarito a long bamboo.


Devotees participate in a procession to celebrate Gudi Padwa, in Mumbai pic by Ravindra Zende kemmannu.

Gudi Padwa – Wikipedia

This ensemble is accessorized with a garland of mogra flowers in the hair, which is tied in a bun, along with an elaborate gold nose pin. According to Kittel word belongs to South Indian language origin. A little cooked rice, curds, salt, all in small cups, crisp currency note and a coin, a pen, some flowers, a golden bangle, a silver ornament, 3 or 5 walnuts are also placed in this Thal. For some, such gdui those in and near Gujarat, the new year festivities coincide with the five day Diwali festival.

Besides Maharashtra, it is also observed under different names in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu as well, however by a smaller community of people.

Gudi Padwa is a festival celebrated with much fervor in the Western and Southern India and some parts of East India as well. Gudi Padwa is one of the major festivals of India. Top Exotic Food Plants.

short essay on gudi padwa in english

It is a Hindu festival. Thanks for being you! India largely depends upon the agricultural activity.

Gudi Padwa

Additional ingredients include sour tamarind and astringent dhane seeds. Every moment of the day on which Gudi Padwa celebrated is considered to be very auspicious.

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