Most degree programs require two or more weeks for the review period; students should check with their faculty. Tuition remission for units in excess of 72 will not be provided by the Graduate School. Progress toward the PhD is contingent upon passing examinations variously called preliminary, qualifying, general, comprehensive, or major field exams. Students are usually admitted to the Graduate School to study toward specific degrees. All registrations require online approval by the student’s faculty adviser and are monitored by the Graduate School. The unit calculation includes courses transferred from other graduate programs. Students pursuing a certificate or an unrelated master’s degree in addition to their PhD must consult the departments and advisers about credit sharing between the programs.

Students with complaints regarding academic matters should initially seek resolution from their faculty adviser, then from their director of graduate studies, and finally the chair of their degree program. The certificates offered to full-time students in the Graduate School are all interdisciplinary in nature:. The Graduate School will approve tuition remission for up to 72 course units. No student will be admitted to, given tuition remission for, or awarded more than one graduate certificate. Most visa types would prevent international students from remaining in the United States while taking a leave of absence; such students should consult the Office for International Students and Scholars as well as their faculty adviser, their program’s director of graduate studies, and perhaps a dean.

No student will be admitted to, given tuition remission for, or awarded more than one graduate certificate. To be eligible for tuition remission, courses must be offered at the graduate level, taken for a grade, and approved in advance by the student’s adviser and program as necessary for the student’s degree. From time to time, students may feel that they have legitimate complaints regarding academic matters or an interaction with a faculty member.

PhD students can discuss with their advisers individual courses available outside their school that may advance their research or professional goals.

A Doctoral Dissertation Guide and a Templatewhich give instructions regarding the format of the dissertation, are available on the Graduate School’s website; both should be read carefully at every stage of thesis preparation. To earn a PhD at Washington University, a student must complete all courses required by their department, maintain satisfactory academic progress, pass certain examinations, fulfill residence and teaching requirements, write, defend, and submit a dissertation, and file an Intent to Graduate form on WebSTAC.


Graduate students may be allowed to retake a course once with prior permission from their department or program.

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Students admitted to a PhD program in the Graduate School must maintain full-time continuous enrollment throughout the approved length of their programs. During those years students will be considered full-time if they are:.

Full-time students in the Graduate School who wish to take graduate courses in University College or Summer School must obtain the approval both of their academic adviser and of the dean of the Graduate School. Most financial awards, and all federally funded awards, are contingent on the maintenance of satisfactory academic progress. It is important that students and faculty have a common understanding of how such complaints may be expressed and resolved.

A, outstanding; B, good; C, conditional an A, B or C grade may be modified by a plus or minus ; S, satisfactory; and U, unsatisfactory used almost exclusively for credit hours earned disseration doing research. All committees must be approved by the dean of the Graduate School or by their designee, regardless of whether they meet the normal criteria.

Departments may request transfer credit from official wusrl after a student’s admission to a PhD program. Approved leaves of absence are not counted as part of a student’s program length and will not be approved for semesters beyond the program length including enrollment extension.

Leaves of absence may be personal or medical.

No student may use the retake option to replace a grade received as a sanction for violation of the Academic Integrity Policy. Taking a leave therefore may adversely affect loan deferment, visa status, the right to rent university-owned housing, etc. A request eustl a change in the subject of study e.

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Admission to an individualized joint degree program involving another school of the university must be recommended by the directors of graduate studies for both disciplines and approved by the deans of both schools. Recommendations from departments for students’ registration in absentia will be considered by the Graduate School on a case-by-case basis. Part-time status will be calculated strictly on the basis of registration in fewer than 9 course units without LGS registration and will be permitted only in extraordinary circumstances.


The unit calculation includes courses transferred from other graduate programs. Students wishing to pursue joint or dual degrees other than these may be permitted to do so, but such requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. The Graduate School uses the term “dual degree” to refer to programs in which no credit hours are counted toward both degrees.

The Graduate School requires each student to make the full dissertatiln of the dissertation available to the committee members for their dissettation at least one week before the defense. Washington University policies state that members of the university community can expect to be free from discrimination and dissdrtation.

Tuition each semester will be disertation based on the number of registered course units.

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It must be submitted to the Graduate School at least six months before the degree is expected to be conferred or before beginning the fifth year of full-time enrollment, whichever is earlier. The program, which determines the form these required examinations take, is responsible for notifying the Graduate School of the student’s successful completion of them. Students are responsible for filing an Intent to Graduate form in order to have each earned degree conferred.

Being on leave suspends student status and financial support from the university.

wustl gsas dissertation

Students who defend their dissertations successfully have not completed their PhD requirements; they finish earning the degree only when their dissertation submission has been accepted by the Graduate School.

Dissrrtation, a change in the degree objective e.