This rigor does not obligate students to stick to conventional study methods. This site uses cookies. The real issue is the environment at North. Additionally, No Homework Nights are unfair to teachers. While they are a nice sentiment and a step in the right direction, they are not the solution.

While we pride ourselves on our hard work, there is also a steady undercurrent of pressure that comes with this. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: All these things can take place on social media now. It is understandably difficult for teachers to reschedule homework assignments planned well ahead of time, especially if the homework assignments are built into a set lesson plan. There are a few teachers she says that are more verbal about the issues and will openly address it to the students.

To make No Homework Nights function, the district would need to make changes to the curriculum. A sister and a teacher You should care about the clothes you wear: Aderhold was extremely receptive to what they were saying during the meeting, Keely said.

The staff debates No Homework Nights

They requested a meeting with Dr. A sister and a teacher You should care about the clothes you wear: Students frequently copy homework assignments and email labs to each other, while some write answers or formulas in their calculators or on their hands.

For teachers it is not uncommon to prepare the lesson plans to the month, or in rare cases the year, as it works out in many AP classes. Club Committee regulations frustrate student leaders.


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She thinks people are frustrated by his policies and by how slow policy changes are going. Everyone is doing well. Both scenarios undermine the purpose of this day of relaxation and family invigoration. Students too are hindered, because their learning is broken up.

wwp no homework nights

On a broad scale, a handful of No Homework Nights are not going to change much. One of the biggest issues facing West Windsor-Plainsboro high schools is the stress level among the students.

Teachers struggle with No Homework Nights because their lessons and course-load are so time-sensitive already without having to take days off. All these things can take place on social media now. It was still academically focused but people were able to put that drive somewhere else in a way that was very collaborative, it gave people a way to connect with each other. Bugge, who also lets students use their phones during class, said he considers cheating a homewor, problem: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Additionally, No Homework Nights are unfair to teachers.

wwp no homework nights

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The most common form of cheating at North is discreet—it involves students from earlier periods telling students in a later period the content of an exam or an essay question. Alana thinks that one way to ease stress off the students would be to put a greater emphasis on the music and arts program. Here, the staff discusses the new policy. No Homework Nights, in this respect, are a good way to give students a break from the daily grind and give them a chance to get outside, read a book or have dinner with their family.


Students and teachers describe culture of cheating at North

But students are well aware of the academic rigor of the courses they are taking. The same set of challenges are present as in past generations but in a different setting, and it needs to be addressed.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Despite this, students break the rules on a daily basis and feel no remorse. You are commenting using your Twitter homewor.

However, it seems to undermine the high expectations of the district curriculum and the unspoken ones of excellence from both teachers and students. Homewor, thousand one hundred thirty five and counting. Things that student would actually remember instead of what they have to remember last minute for a test. There never truly is no homework. During the school year, every weekday means taking refuge in your room—and, on your way there, trying to avoid any shiny object that might distract you from starting work.