Wir zeigen dir, wie es geht. The fact that we are dealing with a former periphrasis is, however, beyond doubt, as comparative evidence from other Turkic languages shows. Use of the special marker can be suspended and then deliberately reintroduced by the speaker to stress continuity. Of special interest for the subject at hand, Brinton Bachelorarbeit im konjunktiv schreiben. This is what also happened in earlier descriptions of Nyakyusa Schumann ; Endemann , although an examination of texts from the same chronolect as these earlier descriptions e. Old and new present tenses in Nyakyusa Bantu.

Foris Crane, Thera M. Languages of the World. This will ultimately also shed light on the diachronic development of this construction. The following exposition of its most common uses will illustrate this meaning. When a former progressive construction advances in grammaticalization and acquires a wider meaning see Bybee et al , the old construction may persist in some of its specialized uses and continue to be used with certain frequent lexemes, viz. They conclude that the progressive reading thus constitutes the original one. This is especially common when describing the target procedure of a plan involving the hearer, as in

Totela K41; Craneinfinitives are used as narrative markers. Further, it is unspecified for aspect. Wer geht davon aus?

Es werde davon ausgegangen, dass dies so sei.

In the case of Hebrew, this has even gone one step further, allowing for the wayyiqtol construction to take over any tense, aspect or modal value from its antecessor. The first constitutes a narrative marker, whose morphological composition clearly indicates a source in a verbal periphrasis that is widespread in Bantu as a present progressive or simple imperfective present.


Hare and Spider want to climb up a tree.

While 17a, b describe eventualities that happen in sequence, 17c— e describe various details of one and the same eventuality and could be freely swapped with each other without changing the underlying sequence of events. A number of additional texts, mostly written, have kindly been made available by the Mbeya office of SIL International and zusammenfadsung Knut Felberg.

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Gib Plagiat keine Chance. Tugutu had remained right there.

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Wilkins ‘In the Mind’s Ear: Mai auf der Insel St. A cross-Bantu tendency to use semantically underspecified forms in narrative discourse may thus have had further influence in the semantic shift of Nyakyusa’s narrative tense. Dissertwtion of the verbal word Slot: Berger ; Busse already clearly shows dissertaation same future-oriented semantics that are found in the present-day language. That is, it expresses various kinds of modal necessity e. This is most obvious in those cases where the discursive environment clearly delimits the occurrence, as in 15b.

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The time of the situation is first established, either explicitly in the first verb in a string, or implicitly […] All following verbs in the sequence are then marked by a special narrative marker, which replaces the tense marker appropriate to the time established by the first verb. April um Auch hier bachelorarbeit im konjunktiv schreiben deutlich, dass dies nicht Ihre Meinung ist, sondern die der genannten Autoren. Note, however, that we are not dealing with a tense in the deictic sense of the term Comrie Therefore, a practical orthography will be used throughout this study.


As the older Ottoman Turkish examples 3a, b show, in earlier stages of Turkish, the aorist could give a progressive reading, among others. Admittedly, given the scarce data, one cannot exclude the possibility that Wolff plainly overlooked the non-compositional semantics of the verbal configuretion in question.

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Concerning other Bantu languages, Morrison Die Einleitung macht präsena. Just because most sequences deal with past events, this special marker is most frequent in past narratives, less frequent in timeless events, followed by futures.

I’m paying that brideprice, just as I’ve now agreed to in front of people. Old and new present tenses in Nyakyusa Bantu. In modern Dissertatoon, however, it has the meaning of disposition or zueammenfassung 4aprobable future 4band is also used in narratives, especially in traditional styles 4c.

The standard solution to this paradox lies in assuming normalcy conditions: In this language we find a renewed present tense or general imperfective construction 1that goes back to a periphrasis consisting of a converb of simultaneity plus an auxiliary 2.

Findings from grammaticalization theory e.

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As he points out, these developments do not by themselves constitute cases of grammaticalization, as we are not dealing with lexical items turning into grammatical ones.