At the beginning of my high school days, I met a lot of people that influenced my school life. Her name sends tingles down my spine. I wonder which version was more pleasing to them though. Shake Shack brought back the 90s during its Housewarming Party; and we quizzed some partygoers to test just how much they know about…. The amazing power of words has been used by notable figures in our society today and all throughout history. Not trying is certainly not an option. It is a very important part of the test, and will test your command of English and grammar.

This brings up the question of whether or not these peculiar cases take away the slots of students who enroll without the benefit of being endorsed by esteemed figures. Mari Jasmine, Kaila Estrada, and more played our quick burger trivia. Academic performance is always the main concern, but if you study hard, the odds will lean in your favor. I felt the need to explain everything; to make them understand. A committee composed of faculty members from each of the four Loyola Schools bases their decisions on certain factors.

My Ateneo Essay | The Randomness That Is Jello

Trust in what you know. If so…I believe you to be someone who has a dream, and this dream, supported by God, is what keeps you going. My dad and my aunt—a nurse, but she did not bring her medical kit that time—accompanied me to the nearest medical clinic, which was a few blocks away from where we were staying, to exsay me up. One sight of her and my heart emits this sudden surge of electricity delivering it to every part of my body.


I have failed a lot of times. Is it okay if I kinda make my essay like yours, too? A Nueva Ecija tropical paradise makes dream garden weddings come true.

How to ace the ACET

I just got one question: Insta generation, meet Roy Gonzales, haute couturier. The admission process is indeed a complex system filled to the brim with nuances, so much so that it can never been seen as unquestionably objective. Hmm…have you tried reading the other comments on here? My experiences have taught me how to become strong and to never give up.

acet essay 2013

Held usually in wcet month of September, ACET is definitely one of the entrance tests students look forward to every year. Sarmiento, however, assures that this is not the case.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In Pisay, I experienced to be an ordinary student — just an average student with mediocre grades. I have written a poem with the intent of seeking forgiveness from my best friend.

acet essay 2013

Make sure you are shading the right number. Jeremiah Racela, 17 Awkward, introverted and often confused.

A conflict of admission

She also closely monitors the academic performance of those who end up being accepted after appealing. I changed my mind set. The future awaits, and the next page is about to unfold. He states that some waitlisted students work even harder than those who passed without a hitch because of their probationary esay in first year.


I became one with the world once more. He states that his family name may have played an important part in ensuring his enrollment; one of his relatives is also a renowned Jesuit and is associated with another Atenean university in a different wcet.

I believe that whatever Essaay have been through in the past, how insignificant it might seem then, is essential to who I am now. Garcia and Frances C. I found out that it can change lives for surely it has changed mine. The experiences we have had can change our whole being. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The smile of an angel, the lips of a goddess, the eyes of unexplainable beauty, she is the most fascinating being that I have ever seen in my whole life.

And as for my roommates…. I have joined the COCC during my junior years, enduring the punishments of my higher-ups, and having fun with my fellow batch mates. I dream of studying in the Ateneo. I have become a sacristan and have become closer to God.

acet essay 2013

It was then that I realized that I turned down so many opportunities.