Many Chinese tourists like to visit and pray in this temple to get the blesses from god. Somewhere in the vicinity of Lumut I managed to pick up a speeding ticket I only found out about it recently which was very annoying as I am normally such a careful and law abiding driver. The taxi driver charged me RM I took my family for a day-trip to Pulau Pangkor a few months ago. This has reflected the magnificent view of this temple. It was mid week and low season so there were very few people around. Today only some of the foundations are left.

Check out our top free essays on my teacher my hero to help you write your own essay are always the best 1a teacher is a person who teaches or instructs. Over 15 Million Page Visits. And the basic buildings add to the quaint charm of the place. It has a land area of only 8 square kilometers, and a population of approximately 25, islanders. You find this in a lot in Malaysian beach resorts.

essay holiday to pulau pangkor

Click here to view the website. Next,of all the Pangkor beaches, Nipah bay Beach is the most beautiful. Pangkor Town is a nice place to visit as there are many great local restaurants where you can enjoy typical dishes originating from the island itself.

It takes around 3 – 4 hours to get to Lumut by car from KL. TodayI would like to talk about rssay island. The were offering two nights stay for 2 adults and 2 children, including breakfast, for less than RM which I felt was a good deal for a hotel of this standard.

The atmosphere on Teluk Nipah was decidedly sleepy on the day of our visit and a flock of hornbills had made themselves at home in one of the abandoned stalls. When the RM fine is factored in, the Swiss-Garden package was not such good value after all! Furthermore, Pangkor Fishing Villages is located esway the east side of Pangkor Island there are three fishing villages facing the mainland: Usually, for instance, the question or statement that focuses the essay comes at the end of the beginning, where it serves as the jumping-off point for the middle.


There is the old but small Dutch Fort.

essay holiday to pulau pangkor

We ate at a laid back beach side restaurant with chairs arranged on the sand about the only one open! Glass Bottle Temple Melaka is a small Thai Buddhist temple in Malacca incorporating hundreds of recycled green glass beer bottles in its design. The main town on the island is pangkor town, it is located on the east coast.

Pangkor Island

At the northern end of the beach there was a small Chinese temple and from there we scrambled over some rocks to a small secluded cove. And the basic exsay add to the quaint charm of the place.

essay holiday to pulau pangkor

The Dutch Fort is located at Teluk Gedung. This temple in the middle of a palm-oil estate is unique. This particular page is a collection of my photographs and essays on photography therefore, the beauty of photography is derived from the existing world. The Dutch used to Ho,iday further as a stronghold against local Malays and pirates.

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I am going ppulau talk about the history of pangkor island. Furthemore,there are numerous beaches on Pangkor Island. The beach is secluded and is able to maintain its natural beauty. But instead of sounds let them give forth great birds: How to cite this essay Choose cite format: It was pretty good and reasonably priced. However, there are many beautiful islands within Malaysia.


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During the British rule the name has temporarily been Monkey Island.

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It is promoted as a low-key tourist destination by the Malaysian government, but fishing, seafood and other holidzy products remain major industries. The road to the beach passes through the quaint town then along the west coast lined with coconut groves.

We spent a pleasant few hours relaxing on the fine white sandy beach and swimming in the clear warm sea. It has a land area of only 8 square kilometers, and a population of approximately 25, islanders.