Various private and public banks offer mobile banking facilities to customers. Retrieved 29 August Zero Balance Requirements To open a Jan Dhan account is free of cost and does not require any amount to be deposited initially. The scheme also provides for personal accident insurance under the following conditions: All that shall be required to open these accounts is a self-attested photograph and the signature or thumb print of the person applying for the account.

It is being said that the amount of subsidy will also be deposited in this account, after hearing that there is an atmosphere of uncertainty in the opposition. Banking for all to end “financial untouchability ” “. It was also started in order to promote tendency of savings among the poor people. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. The account holders will be provided a zero-balance savings account with a RuPay debit card.

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Jan Dhan Yojana – An Era Of Financial Inclusion Begins

As per the government notice, only those people would get the overdraft facility whose transaction record has satisfactory operations in their account for some time. Over96, accounts were opened by individuals during the first week of launch of the scheme. Engaging business correspondents BCs: This will help the financial condition of the account holders as well as promote social security goals of the central government.

Narendra Modi opened Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana all over India and it is predicted that this effective scheme may prove to be beneficial for country. It is a good scheme overall.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

Jan-Dhan Yojana scheme will allow government to return people’s money to them. The scheme has been criticized by opposition as an effort to please voters that has created unnecessary work-burden on the public-sector banks.


Retrieved 19 February In the long run, the scheme will also permit the poorer sections to avail themselves of subsidies and overdraft facilities through their bank accounts, which are intended to eliminate money-lenders, commission agents and corruption. Modi in his maiden Independence speech from the Red Fort on 15 th August.

Jan dhan yojana

On the day of Inauguration Mr. It will prove an ego decision to awaken excitement in the poor and make them aware for the future. The banking network is all set to open bank accounts of the uncovered households in both rural and urban areas.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana has been created keeping in mind the poor people, so that they develop a sense of savings, and the key to future security awakens. Main motto of this scheme is to attach each and every Indian citizen to the Bank account so that every citizen can avail the benefit of various scheme or subsidised program run by Indian Government.

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The PMO had sent out over 7. Not only this scheme will give the facility of zero balance savings but it will also give ATM debit essy, insurance cover etc. The main purpose of the scheme is ‘Mera Khata Bhagyavidhata’, which means ‘my account is divine’.

The Prime Minister also said that esssay providing debit cards that can be swiped the scheme shall reduce the dependence on credit cards, thereby promoting savings. And, it brought about Rs.

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August 29, Updated on: To get a cheque book, there is a minimum balance required in the account. The Jan-Dhan Yojana is aimed to provide basic banking accounts with a debit card with inbuilt accident insurance. Also, disbursement of money will be done into the accounts of beneficiaries through direct benefit transfer as it will help to fight corruption and will make the economic condition of poor as well as of nation strong.


This reduces delay and leakage dhab get service. Interest rates will be similar to that offered by various public and private banks. In his first Independence Day address as the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi announced that his government would ensure that all the citizens of India have access to bank accounts and debit cards.

essay on pradhan mantri jan dhan yojana in english

But how far it is specific, it is yet to be known. The idea behind this feature is to innovate as much as possible to ensure financial inclusion as well as financial security to as many Indians as possible. Although the loan amount seems insignificant as compared to that offered as standard loan by various banks, it is quite substantial when we think of the economic status of individuals that this scheme is aimed at uplifting.

The scheme is a social policy intended at provide banking facilities to even those who do not have the money to pay for the minimum account balance at the time of account opening. The Jan Dhan Yojana aims to help the inexpensively weaker sections of dssay society to become fiscally confident. The government has opened Government schemes in India.