A Distribution of the coefficients of relationship of Fleckvieh animals. International Journal of Epidemiology The GWAS was facilitated by using breeding values as high-heritability phenotypes. DYDs for UC were available for animals. Another widely used approach to account for sample structure, albeit rather in human than in livestock GWAS, is accounting for the top axes of variation as inferred by principal components analysis PCA [73].

Population stratification within the study population. The characteristics of the significantly associated SNPs are listed in Table 1. The heritability of calving traits, i. Year Distinction Research award of the H. In areas where animals are exposed to increased solar ultraviolet radiation, ACOP is associated with a reduced susceptibility to bovine ocular squamous cell carcinoma BOSCC, eye cancer. Quality of the current bovine genome build The chromosomal position of the SNPs as well as the gene content of associated genomic regions was determined based on the UMD3. Chapter 4 reports a genome-wide association study for a special aspect of skin pigmentation in cattle.

The paternal half sib families and the maternal grand sire families encompass up to 81 and members, respectively. Physical distances were converted to genetic distances Arias et al.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Three associated regions contain genes of the highly conserved Wnt signalling pathway. The genetic value of male animals can be obtained for these traits via breeding value estimation [1].

hubert pausch dissertation

The allele frequency was the major determinant for imputation accuracy Figure S2. Access to large validation populations will be an indispensable prerequisite to differentiate between ‘true’ and linked effects.

hubert pausch dissertation

It is therefore possible that both QTL affect ribosomal biogenesis. Effect of different marker densities on the chromosomal partitioning of the genetic variance.


Pausch, Hubert, Prof. Dr. | ETH Zurich

You always supported me without reserve and you remind me that life consists of much more than work alone. Garrick Dorian TJ Deregressing estimated breeding values paysch weighting information for genomic regression analyses. Ruedi Fries at TU Munich. In order to assess the effect of using different progeny- derived phenotypes, the GWAS for udder clearness Chapter 3 was repeated with Dissetration as phenotypes.

Individual genome sequencing of livestock animals — en route to genomic selection 2.

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Our results display that applying dense SNP panels allows to capture most of the genetic variation of complex traits in highly structured livestock populations and thus reduces the hubeft heritability’ [50]. Christian Edel and Dr. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics The starting point of this thesis is the following observation of Atiyah and Bott: GWAS have disseertation been performed yet.

This issue is especially apparent considering breeding values for calving traits, where evaluation models differ substantially among cattle breeds [5]. Variants of this gene may predispose to lactating SNTs, which are particularly undesirable.

hubert pausch dissertation

She also compared the powers of different gene-based association mapping methods combining the rare variants within a gene, and is the first to report the role of rare and low-frequency variants in the variation of different complex traits and their impact on genomic prediction reliability.

Journal of animal science Hubret linkage disequilibrium r2 between marker and QTN was assumed to be 0. Imputation accuracy was assessed dissdrtation on genotypes ofchromosome-wide distributed SNPs of animals.

Qianqian Zhang: Towards Cattle Precision Breeding Using Next Generation Sequencing

Twelve identified QTL regions are indicated with arrows and gene identifiers. Rees JL Genetics of hair and skin color. The results support a polygenic inheritance pattern of eye-area pigmentation in cattle and provide the basis for efficient genomic selection of animals that dissertatiln less susceptible to serious eye diseases. Thus, MAS based on the identified QTL for calving ease might add a valuable tool to reduce the incidence of dystocia in cattle.


Qianqian Zhang: Towards Cattle Precision Breeding Using Next Generation Sequencing

The blue line is a linear regression line with slope 3. The authors claim that both imperfect linkage disequilibrium LD between causal variants and array-based SNPs and rare variants, that are not captured by common genotyping arrays, are the reason for the missing heritability [38].

However, one must be aware of the complexity of the phenotype in the present study. European Journal of Human Genetics: The case of the missing heritability. Genome-wide association study A genome-wide association study was performed using a variance components based approach to account for population stratification and to eliminate the resulting inflation of false positive associations.

The substitution effect of the major allele of the most significant marker on chromosome 21 is However, there is evidence that the QTL accounts for a comparatively large fraction of the genetic variation of growth-related traits in HF [60] and thus should be detectable in the sample consisting of HF animals.