Could you comment on the style of the citation? The final paragraph of the body covers a few formalities see example here. You have worked hard to prepare your manuscript for submission to a journal you have chosen carefully. The present one is a follow up investigation of our previous report. However, before submitting the same, I have checked the manuscripts in different softwares for better expression. Submission to the Physics Procedia:

Best wishes with your submission, and feel free to reply with any additional questions! We previously showed that herbaceous wetlands continue to be lost at an alarming rate despite protections offered by the Clean Water Act Altor et al. I so not see any harm in requesting the same reviewers; however, the Editor may or may not grant your request, and keep in mind that those reviewers might not currently be available. Abstracts should be prepared as a. Simply look at a recent issue to see how citations are formatted in the text and in the reference section.

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Do you think such a request makes sense. I used this wonderful formatting skill to submit my first PhD article to journal.

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I am grateful for your detailed well-organised article. Please leave your comments and questions below. Many native English speakers have trouble writing clearly as well.

Best wishes with your paper! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Please feel free to share your manuscript submission experiences. Here, we expand on that work to discuss carbon storage in emergent wetlands and the important role these ecosystems play in the context of climatic change.


Indicates dates you plan to stay in Russia. But you still can submit the abstracts for poster presentation until 15th of July. Type Poster Oral Keynote speaker. This time it has been submitted for more than two months.

The comments are also very professional and pertinent. Could you comment on the style of the citation?

jmmm cover letter

In the template it says to provide the citation in parentheses. In general, work cited in the cover letter should be your own.

jmmm cover letter

It is not clear why many bugs say that the speed is very slow. There are no conflicts of interest. Chemical Science Duration of Peer Review: I appreciate your endeavor to support the junior and young researchers.

There are a limited quantity of special grants for students to cover registration fee or accommodation fee. Next, provide a brief but compelling description or summary of the most important or interesting findings addressed by your manuscript.

Indicate city in which you plan to apply for visa. You could upload your paper and request a free estimate for the work. Show Review in Original Language 0 Thank luqhis Send a Note to Administrator. Some journals have specific requirements for cover letters.


Thank you very much for wonderful insight how to write submission letter for publication. Including citations that relate directly to the work you are covrr can show that you have a track record and history of research in the subject area.

How to write a great cover letter for a scientific manuscript

I am thinking to request the Editor to send the article ,etter the same reviewers who evaluated our previous study. And thank you for your comment. Lettef the description of your study, provide a brief statement of how or why the work is relevant to the scope of the target journal and of interest to its readership.

The first issue of the journal’s journals took 71 days. Could you give an example? If a journal does not require a formal cover letter, it is still in your interest to take this opportunity to let the editor know why you have selected his or her journal for your paper and to make a case for considering your manuscript.