This unique, one-day workshop brings that wealth of experience to the classroom so you can learn to avoid decision making biases, practice new skills, and make an immediate impact back on the job. The cost of the short course is Euros. Led by an experienced instructor, KT LiveOnline utilizes a web meeting platform to provide you access to the specific problem solving and decision making skills you want to develop. You can attend one of our regularly scheduled short courses which are offered both in English or Italian. Potential Problem Analysis — Clear thinking for managing risks. Learn to clarify the issues that matter in complex situations and determine how concerns should be prioritised and handled.

Project results come from people, not software. By using a good problem analysis in advance, a process will be created to prevent future problems or in emergencies, to limit the damage. Kepner-Tregoe is committed to protecting your privacy. To break through this traditional pattern Charles Kepner and Benjamin Tregoe came up with four rational processes in which four fundamental questions are reflected:. You will have the skills and knowledge to able to conduct Root Cause Analysis RCA on complex problems and make tough decisions aligned with operational priorities. Straw Man Proposal McKinsey. Phase II — Live:

Kepner-Tregoe® Problem Solving & Decision Making | Purpl

krpner Alternatively, please view our other course dates. Alternatively, if you would like to schedule at PDSM workshop for a larger group either at our facility or yours, consider our Dcision Training opportunities.

KT Coach Workshop Overview Organizations embark on change initiatives because they understand that continuous skill development and process improvement are critical to future success. Using a development approach, our Emerging Leaders Program training blends our KT Clear Thinking methodologies with modern leadership theories and industry best practices on high-performing teams.


kepner tregoe problem solving and decision making training

This situation analysis provides an insight into necessity, priority and urgency of the various tasks. Trainig Man Proposal McKinsey. Apart from the fact that the Kepner Tregoe Method leads to an explanation of problems, it also helps improve mutual understanding within an organization.

kepner tregoe problem solving and decision making training

Problem Analysis ensures that cause is known before fixes are implemented for a more focused response to problems, incidents and threats. Understand and proactively manage risks tregod opportunities. Zero Defects ZD May 21, Lean how to promote potential opportunities and prepare in advance to gain the advantage when things go better than expected.

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Kepner Tregoe Method

These advisors and coaches must manage complexity, facilitate the transfer of knowledge but also, support the ongoing adoption of critical thinking skills ,aking a sustainable way. As the world’s leading troubleshooting company, KT has led major investigations in every industry and solvign possible.

This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality. Throughout the centuries mankind has learned to deal with complexity and to directly anticipate on this.

Here potential future problems are anticipated and preventative actions are developed what will the result be.

When faced with a problem or decision, you need the right answer—and fast. Okay No Read more.

kepner tregoe problem solving and decision making training

Minimum time will be spent on a risk mitigation theory with maximum time practicing in our risk scenario simulator. In spite of the available information, people usually process information badly, misinterpret this or pdoblem important matters.

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Anyone who has to investigate, find root cause, manage trainimg or CAPAs. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. Often there is pressure of time to solve the problems and it is debatable what the right way of solving these problems is.

Jun Register Bremerhaven, DE A situation analysis will clarify the distinctions in all these processes and as a result it will be possible to search for suitable solutions. Over the years, providing training with our Program Leaders has proven to be one of the most effective ways to embed Kepner-Tregoe Clear Thinking capabilities into an organization.

Anyone who is required to troubleshoot, perform investigations, root cause analysis RCAmanage incidents or conduct problem solving and has already completed a KT Workshop e. Employees ttaining all levels who are required to perform troubleshooting, root cause analysis RCA and conduct problem solving will benefit from this workshop.

Decision Analysis — Clear thinking for difficult decisions. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our Free Newsletter for the latest posts on Management models and methods. PSDM helps you tap into the know-how of individuals, develop consensus, and gain commitment while resolving issues by using a common approach and language.