The window was sealed shut. He had married a woman with burning social ambition, twenty years his junior. The stamp was proof of the U. Our chairman, John Gutfreund, left his desk at the head of the trading floor and went for a walk. The investment banker was a breed apart, a member of a master race of deal makers. This event was the first link in a chain of improbabilities, culminating in a job offer from Salomon Brothers.

What I think Sutf reund had in mind in this Instance was a desire to show his courage, like the boy who leaps from the high dive. I didn’t ever doubt I got what I deserved. If you are true to me, I shall protect you from the forces of evil and unemployment. Here are my favorite lines. They regarded it as their game.

A complete hush enveloped the Great Hall of St. He had two little red sports cars yet wanted four.

Liar’s Poker, by Michael Lewis | Dan Wang

The back had its share of expensively educated people. And I went through the painful and unnatural process of rising at 5;30 A. The guys in the back row were leaning forward in their seats for the first time all day.

They liked to think that Yoshi was a calculating troublemaker. We shook hands, and she was about as chummy as a boxer before a fight. That’s what she did. The article was revealing for another reason. She prodded, quizzed, needled, and unsettled me for about an hour until finally she stopped, satisfied.


liars poker essay

He had a wife, a station wagon, 2. Lehman Brothers eventually went belly up.

Liar’s Poker Essay

If he bids high, is he bluffing, or does he actually hold a strong hand? We were as civil to eseay big man addressing the class as we had been to anyone, which wasn’t saying much. The starting salary was about twenty-five thousand dollars a year plus bonus. It seemed dear Corbett wanted me to work at Salomon, but he never came right out and proposed. Their heads sesay back and forth and on occasion fell over to one side, so that their cheeks ran parallel to the floor.

liars poker essay

The first thing you learn on the trading floor is that when large numbers of people are oiars the same commodity, be it a sstock, a bond, or a job, the commodity quickly becomes overvalued. Don’t get me wrong.

liars poker essay

And I went through the painful and unnatural process of rising at 5;30 A. He was thought by many within Salomon to be the best bond trader on Wall Street. I went home, lars off the suit, and went back to bed. Man for man Salomon Brothers was, inthe world’s most profitable corporation.


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In this I wasn’t unusual. She guessed rightly that her training class represented a market in itself ; people with money to burn, eyes for a bargain, and space in their closets for the executive look.

A woman from The New York Times who interviewed us three months into our program was so impressed by the uniformity in our attitudes toward llars firm that she called her subsequent article “The Boot Camp for Top MBA’s. Most graduates of Harvard Business School sat in the front row.

A battle between the traders and the corporate financiers caused the firm to collapse in early I knew only what I had read in the papers, and they said that Salomon Brothers was pojer world’s most profitable investment bank.

You needed a sponsor. Salomon Brothers only gave hints. Rssay said naturally that I would. Making money was mostly what mattered. To leave was to admit defeat in this peculiar ritual of making myself known. The market would start to go down.