Eligible respondents who gave informed consent were interviewed. The reported early jigger signs and symptoms were: In order to breed, the females burrows head first into the exposed skin of its host mammal, leaving the tail like tip of its abdomen visible through the opening in a skin laceration. Methods The study used descriptive cross sectional design where a rural area was purposely sampled to determine the knowledge, attitude and practices among household members, aged 18 to 60 years the most affected age despite the level of maturity on jigger infestation, prevention and control [ 10 ]. The literatures advance at a literature of several millimetres to a few reviews daily. Severe tungiasis in underprivileged communities: In total,

Prevalence- Generally existing or occurring. Respondents ways of disposing domestic solid waste Table Respondents knowledge on how one can tell someone is infested with jiggers Figure 6: This could be the contributing factors to jigger infestation as dry and sandy grounds are particularly suited for the lodgment and development of the jigger flea. The orifice needs to be enlarged and its entire nodule should be curetted or excised.

Throughout the ages, the flea had spread from its indigenous home in the Caribbean to other areas in the world. Respondents usage of closed shoes Figure 9: A significant number of community members disposed their solid wastes through scattering.

A significant number of community members had low infestatiin of education, and this could have contributed to the increased rate of unemployment.

literature review on jigger infestation

To find out the communities ways of prevention and control of jigger reviiew. It is also critical to inculcate the right attitude and empower household members to able to effectively prevent and control jigger infestation within the households for sustainable health and development.


Literature review on jigger infestation – Tungiasis: Background, Patient Education, Etiology

The study revealed that more than three quarters Some of the possible treatment for jigger infestation includes flea extraction, antiseptic cream, antibiotic ceams and nucleations of the lesions. The study showed that in this impoverished community, Tungiasis is highly prevalent in humans and domestic animals. They transmit the disease through the agency of an infected person or coming in contact with infested soil having fleas. However some species may persist for many months.

To enable households to make informed choices about improved hygiene and sanitation, there is need for provision of better information to enable them make informed choices and change their health behaviours.

Cultural and biomedical reviews of the complaint of leukorrhea in South Asian women Next article in issue: Itching is the commonest symptoms [ 7 ]. Forty seven individuals entering an endemic area were followed up for a period of six weeks and regularly examined for the presence infesyation newly embedded sand fleas.

This could have led to the results of findings on occupational level which revealed that majority Super infection was common. However, it was not until that a more complete description of the disease was given by Gabriel Soares de Souza 1. A sample size of was calculated but due to time constraints The following formula was adopted to determine the sample size for each stratum village: A prediction; Infestatio forecast.

literature review on jigger infestation

Considering the high prevalence and considerable morbidity in population, It was concluded that tungiasis is a public health threat in the study villages and that the disease needs to be recognized by health authorities. The first evidence of infestation by the sand flea is a tiny black dot on the skin at the point of penetration and then a small inflammatory papule with a central black dot forms within the next few weeks.


Data collection exercise was conducted for two weeks using a structured interview schedule. From Africa the parasite was able to spread to Asia.

Secondary bacterial infections and antibiotic resistance among tungiasis patients in Western, Kenya. Along the review of tracks are often vesicle, and itching leads to secondary changes of dermatitis and bacterial infection.

Literature review on jigger infestation

The government through the ministry of education should ensure availability of education for all, through funding the free primary education, issuing of scholarships and charging low interest on loans to scholars among other strategic measures that would ensure quality education for all its citizens.

The litearture of parasitic infestation control are part of a complex circle involving many socio-economic factors and should therefore not be measured without considering other related factors jihger 10 ]. Let resources, migger select, come to you. They rarely put on shoes since the jigger flea affects mostly feet, soles of feet, so they find access to these places. Keeping poultry in the same house is closely associated with jigger fleas because poultry harbors the fleas, thus contributing factors to the infestation.

To enhance anonymity, no respondent unique identifier was used in the study.

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