As Aitchison , p. Committee on Economic and Educational Opportunities. Whichever you use, there are a few basic rules you should apply. The first letter of each of the multiple words is a capital which aids readability. The Bathing Water Regulations

Failure to submit by this time will result in a late penalty being applied. Dates correct at date of print. Leeds University Library, Brotherton Collection. Edition only if not first edition. Volume issue number , page numbers.

Biofuel reflections from Mali in PracticalAction briefing paper. Leave the settings as the default as in the image below and click OK. Name of recording artist.

lubs assessed coursework coversheet

You will see the toolbar below, click on the Compress Pictures icon. Image details – location, coordinates, elevation. Physics general interest seminar podcasts. Upload document Create flashcards. Journal of International Business Studies. Instructions below are for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. This example shows different kinds of changes to the original quotation: Book of the coursewokr, episode 3, Permanent present tense.

lubs assessed coursework coversheet

American Journal of Ocursework. The essay incorporating the summary: Blackboard mobile learn version 3. Medium and receiver of communication, date of communication.


Date and time of transmission. Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. An ellipsis consists of three dots Date of speech, location of speech. Burlinson, K and Crarer, C. If the law report has a volume number, and so the year is not crucial to find the case, enclose it in round brackets: Please note that it is not acceptable to convert text to images to evade the word limit – electronic submissions will be checked for instances of this and use of this tactic could be perceived as an attempt to deceive the examiner.

Short direct quotations A short direct quotation: Desperate housewives, Episode 16, Crime doesn’t pay.

Lubs assessed coursework coversheet

If ideas have come from references, they should be sourced in the text and therefore should appear in the bibliography. To curtsey or not to curtsey? The economics of local recovery. Whichever you use, there are a few basic rules you should apply. Left and right hand margins should be at least three centimetres wide.

Lubs assessed coursework coversheet

Volume issue numberpage numbers. In spite of this, large numbers of intelligent people condemn and resent language change, regarding alterations as due to unnecessary sloppiness, laziness or ignorance Aitchison,p. If a student chooses to provide double-sided text, particular care must be taken to fulfil all the requirements specified in these regulations, e.


Mobile app Relevant details for the application should be available from the app store where it was purchased, eg iTunes App Store. However, you must take care that you don’t change the meaning.

lubs assessed coursework coversheet

Section heading, page number of your quotation. It is School policy that a penalty for exceeding the word limit will be applied and students are required to provide an accurate word count on the front cover of their assignment.