An Interactive Platform for exploring electronic music Caitlin A. Lucia Garza Raw Marks: Parametrically Designed Lamp Michael Gonzalez: Geneology tool Joseph Saavedra: Interactive motion graphics installation Joseph Saavedra:

Lucia Garza Raw Marks: Exploration of extreme plastic surgery on women. Dumb Songs Jorge Proano: Dan Feldman Public Water. An interactive web site for inner city public high school youth.

Lucia Garza Raw Marks: Ingrid Bonetti Caribbean Social Club.

Creative Circuit for Girls Ayodamola Okuseinde: Madeline Cericola Contraband Library. Sonali Jain Practicing Solitude.

mfadt thesis 2016

Olive Burd Grotesque Type. Kaisha Murzamadiyeva Ornek Typeface. Madison Bozinoff Input Output.

Avinash Hirdaramani E Motion. Health Measures for Malawi Shannon Emigh: Doll-tangible user interface designer toy game controller Eric Nunez: A multi-sensorial installation Michael Ballard: Juan Diego Villegas Human Canvas.

BFA Communication Design | Thesis –18 | Parsons School of Design

An exhibition of alternative space-modifying installations Kristin Slater: Naked Mouth Lucas Vickers: Game based Writing Engine Juan Patino: Crystal Yin Design Pedagogy: Parametrically Designed Lamp Michael Gonzalez: I and City video installation Daisuke Ishii: Lanie Nowak Mapping Manhattan. Interactive Installation Catalina Cortazar Valdez: The courses have included: VTour Parsons Bryant Davis: A Sequence thesiw three short films about smoking Michael Low: Dont Flush Me Domenick Propati: Footware for Rhythm Composition Yuda Ho: Anastasia Kharchenko Magic If.


mfadt thesis 2016

Experimenting in Urban Gardening and Social Technologies. Arabic Fonts Stephanie Farah: You, them and the space in between Ricardo Vega Mora: Luli Peralta-Esquivel The Loveseat.

mfadt thesis 2016

All Around Promotion Platform: Some people are allowed space to dream, some are not Evan Batson: Download Your Emotions Alex Dinsmore: Installation commenting on Internet Search Noa Dolberg: Creative Circuit for Girls Nicole Messier: Tangles with the Teacup Maxim Safioulline: