In order to be modernized there are two preconditions involved; they are secularization and innovation. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail. The cultures of the west have not been well accepted in the east in areas like China, Russia, and the Middle East, where centralized bureaucracy and absolutism exists. Is modernization better than westernization? Corrected thanks to Shibanshu Mukhopadhyay. The thing is, answers to these questions do not matter; you can have any belief system and you will be a modern person if you have a solid reasoning and opinion behind it and you can defend your grounds in an argument. It symbolizes the shift into a lot of trendy techniques and strategies.

This creates a democracy paradox; where the Islamic world and the east in general oppose westernization. Answered Sep 8, Answered Dec 9, The census found about 7. Shall I not be called modern until l I am comfortable wearing a miniskirt and walk through streets? It turns out to be rational and scientific.

The west has been viewed as very revolutionary and dynamic in the adoption of new ideas; the east on the other hand has been seen to oppose change. The western culture has been seen to be based on philosophy and rationalism of the Greek, the law of the Romans, natural law, the Latin language the rift between Catholics and Protestants and social pluralism.

Western society is merely a set of several cultures which went through industrial and technological change, and as a result were shaped in certain ways. The price Amazon vd isn’t always the lowest.

There are still differences even after modernization since the family values; the social obligations and the meaning of life remain different from the west. In short, Westernization is living by analogy, it is doing something that a set of people do; that can never be modern. How do you distinguish between westernization, modernization, and Americanization?


modernisation vs westernisation essay

It involves making their lives easier through revolutions such as industrialization which will make them change from the traditional practices to modern concepts. Drezner May 25,1: Chinagenderglobal political economyGlobalizationIndialiberalism.

What should India adopt modernization or westernization Essay Example for Free – Sample words

In secularization, man is required to have human value that means the satisfaction of practical needs and not accepting idealistic ideas.

Science makes man understand the world while technology gives the tools to have a better world. Just as the fight to be superpowers continues, the west and east continue to outdo each other in other aspects.

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Modernization and Westernization are not the same thing – Foreign Policy

Westernisation is about the adoption of “Western” values in areas like industry, rule of law, democratic politics, capitalist economics and maybe cultural choices and even language. Sign up for free access to 1 article per month and weekly email updates from expert policy analysts Sign Up. It has the power to change the perception, belief, opinions and attitude ultimately leading to action.

The modernisation and development along those lines will definitely search better proposals for us.

Modernization and Westernization are not the same thing

When the people of society get better and advanced in the all aspects related to their lives, institutions, thinking, attitudes and relationships then the society or that country is said to be modernized.

This inevitably causes some degree of increase in secularism, or at a minimum a tolerance for multiple perspectives and beliefs – some may see this as a western westernisationn.

modernisation vs westernisation essay

There is therefore need to differentiate the western influence from the modernization in the west. This creates a democracy paradox; where the Islamic world and the east in general oppose westernization.


However the adoption does not mean a complete merger of the cultures to one global culture. The modernization was characterized in the s and 60s by the split in the development in the modern and tradition period. Since there are already many answers I will answer in short.

modernisation vs westernisation essay

This paper tackles the question: You can’t modernize without a degree of educational reform. Second is that the overall problem of sex imbalance seems to arise throughout India, including in Kerala, which has often been characterised as a model state for social development and gender equality.

But today things have changed a lot. The East especially the Islamic nations has particularly remained cold in adopting the western values more specifically due to the religion factor which is seen as an overtaking of the Muslim religion and culture by the Christian practices and norms. The first is that sex imbalance at birth seems to be particularly concentrated in households with high education and wealth. To the east the adoption of such culture and values would be colonization and modern day slavery.

People refer westernization directly to the outward exposure and undue social behaviour especially between the two genders.

It also tends to abolish communism and assert democracy in a society that is oppressed. This conversely, is not true.