By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It has also been said that this is the first real story of the Lebanese shown on Australian TV. While there is this element involved, it is seemingly limited — as navigating onto the page has no opening sequences, nor secondary title pages which enable you to sift right through the content. You are commenting using your Twitter account. He now runs a successful operation with his very Australian son.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Target Audience and User experience The purpose of this project and website aims to reach out to mass audience. As this is on a SBS website, people will be more likely to find this documentary. Andrew Jakubowicz , University of Technology Sydney. Hey Omar, brilliant analysis! The past few years in Punchbowl have seen the passing of two symbols of the old regime, both of whom who are carefully bypassed in the series despite the consequence of their actions. Once Upon a Time in Punchbowl has a very clear central concern.

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Stories of alienation, racism, lack of love and inadequate social back-up, led to the rise of Asian gangs in the area during the essxy and 90s. He had experienced racism throughout his life, changing his name to avoid the disdain his Arab name used to attract.

Perhaps now we might become more interested in and more aware of what that future holds. Sound is also a relevant feature within the Timeline element of the site, as it provides the user with an option of having the words wash over them rather than self-motivate to read all relevant and available information.

Calming interface, seamless and simple navigation, emotive content, thorough Timeline ezsay promotes some interactivity, space for users to contribute. Time will be mostly spent viewing the videos, or scoping the Timeline — which, unless someone is extremely keen, loses its charm after several minutes. For this man, there could clearly never be a Muslim who was acceptable, no matter how moral, peaceful and productive.


You are commenting using your Google account. Visual design and interactivity comes second to information in this website.

“Once Upon A Time In Cabramatta” – An Analysis | From the Word of Omar

Not Sports Sports Uncategorized. The previous evening I read an email — one of many I have received over the years offering similar poisonous insights. As this is on a SBS website, people will be more likely to find this documentary.

once upon a time in cabramatta essay

The Vietnamese were used as the trigger for the end of the bi-partisanship on multiculturalism at the end of the s, were implicated in the rising paranoia about unsafe cities in the s, and centrally embroiled in the emergence of a politics of race in the s.

Target Audience and User experience The purpose of this project and website aims to reach out to mass audience. This site uses cookies.

An online analysis into case study–Once upon a time in Cabramatta | MAN ZHANG (Chelsey)

As The White Australia Policy was finally buried, turbulent times followed for those refugees — amongst a nation which was still adjusting to such a sudden cultural shift. I quite liked the documentary on SBS, but the website seemed a little boring to me.

It wants to take the headlines and look behind them; to take the stereotypes and humanise them; to take the issues and reveal their complexity.

By Generation 2 were a significant part of Australian political, economic and cultural life. This makes the whole page looks more professional and engaged. As mentioned, the Once Upon A Time website implements an Interactive Flash component with its stock-standard ypon method which enables users to comment and debate on any issues or thoughts regarding the show.

once upon a time in cabramatta essay

SBS website is a very famous news website with vast quantities cabamatta news readers. Kimora Adetunji, 33, is seen with her son King, 2, outside Federal Court in Toronto in Maywhere indefinite immigration detention was subject of a court hearing. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Abstract The Vietnamese arrival and integration into Australia represents a quintessential case of cultures in collision.


From hollow circles, to archival still images, the Timeline employs subtle tactics to raise the curiosity and inquisitiveness of the user, by giving them the means to learn more about the subject matter of the documentary. Therefore audience cabramata access the film more easily, however I am recommend to view in the web as in my opinion the accessibility of mobile application is not high.


Whatever the specific religious belief system they follow, there remains among them a shared cultural concern for respect, a currency that sustains the networks of families and clans. Overall eszay is an interesting documentary that provides more insights of the history in Cabramatta and it also has a good and simple website. The author, whose name appears Anglo-Australian, was certain of many things about Lebanese Muslims and cabramattta me as the series interlocutor: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Social Media Implementation and User participation Tiime web-documentary website is not very well engaged with Social media platforms, the only social media platform that its connected with is twitter. The series has revealed that the Lebanese-Australian story today is an Australian story, forged from the interaction of people fleeing war and a society unprepared for their arrival and the problems they carried with them.

I think this is meaningless, if a widget has broken down dssay should be removed from the website instead of just leaving it there, it will create a feeling of this website has been ignored for a while to the mass audiences. On the home page, a large image shows the main character of the show and gives a brief idea to audience about the main character of the show with a short brief story introduction.

once upon a time in cabramatta essay