Manager may spend a little bit more to make sure customers stay happy. All operations are increasingly concerned with cutting out waste, whether it is waste of materials, waste of staff time or waste through the under-utilization of facilities. Either way, being able to change far enough and fast enough services when they to meet customer requirements gives a flexibility advantage to your customers. All these will lead to efficient organization. Try to place appropriate operations practice:

Sut news perishes fast. First of all it means that it should be able to meet a guest’s requests. A collection of papers on the details of measuring performance objectives. This service makes a small profit because the revenue from both customer charges and from some of the more valuable recycled materials exceeds the operation’s running costs. Dependability gives stability The disruption caused to operations by a lack of dependability goes beyond time and cost. High-quality operations prevents wasting time, re-do things, or flowed service which would be inconvenient for internal customers.

operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers

Chapter 2 The strategic role and objectives of operations The better the operation is at doing these things, the more support it is giving to the company’s strategy. Although broadly successful, the business is keen to reduce its operating costs.

Operations objectives at Penang Mutiara Essay

In vase to save costs, the government has decided to centralize this service in one large facility close to the country’s capital. If, in casf of our best efforts, we can’t get any will negotiate an alternative solution with the guest.

Note also that actual performance as well as required performance is marked on the diagram. Its facilities such as beds, operating theatres and laboratories are expensive, as are some of their highly skilled staff.

Perhaps they could adopt proactive approach to enhance and maintain consistency in quality and level of psnang by conducting staff training to improve the standard quality of services, communication, handling new automatic system and internet using, as well as retraining and upgrading of skills to meet the unpredictable market demand and customers’ expectations.


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The first substantial work on the idea of mass customization. In this stage, manufacturing organization will be inspecting as externally supportive. It is our job to make them feel better. Operations should satisfy its stakeholders All operations have a range of stakeholders. The patients who were expecting to undergo their routine operations will have been admitted and probably prepared for their operations.

Not just because the operations function is large and for most businesses, represents the bulk of the assets and the majority of the people, but because it makes the business competitive by providing the ability to respond to customers and by developing the capabilities that will keep it ahead of its competitors in the future.

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Penang mutiara

Some of the hospital’s costs will be payments to outside suppliers of drugs, medical supplies and externally sourced services such as cleaning, but probably not as high objective proportion as in the car factory.

To supplement the informal channels of communication, however, they could conduct customer surveys to monitor the quality of its services.

Internally, dependability within operations increases operational reliability, thus saving the time and money that would otherwise be taken up in solving reliability problems and also giving stability to the operation. The hotel never compromises the quality of service in order to cut costs.

GO TO A stage 4 company is one which sees the operations function as providing the foundation for its I competitive success.

On our general model of operations management asnwers are represented by the areas marked on Figure 2. From the general manager comment, Penang Mutiara hotel was support with luxury ambience by using stylish design and top-class materials. Of course, to do this we have to make sure that our staff are multi-skilled.


Dependability means doing things in time for customers to receive their goods or services exactly when they are needed, or anzwers least when they were promised.

operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers

This will be the benefit for the stkdy to achieve strategy success. Speed reduces inventories Take, for example, the automobile plant. There are few steps in implementing a strategy: Remember me mutkara this computer.

The short case, ‘Taxi Stockholm’ describes how one taxi company has focused on its reputation for dependability. For example, a bank may choose to locate its call centres in a place where its facility-related costs for example rent are cheaper. Sure, there are changes to the design of the packaging, but this happens rarely and we always get plenty of notice. Penang Mutiara is one the luxurious hotels in South-East Asia. Our solution to this is to keep the temporary staff as far in the background objecctives we possibly can and make sure that our skilled, well-trained staff are the ones who usually interact with operationa, customer.

In spite of its high ‘material’ costs, however, an individual supermarket can do little Low cost is a universally attractive objective Cost could mean If instead of six weeks they take only one week to move through the plant, the door panels being processed through their first stage are intended to meet demand only one week ahead.