I wanted to weave all these into their discussions of sustainability, the economy, international development, collaboration and technology. I care about my learners. If there are learning aids which require perfection i. Two patient and understanding instructors, Mr. A Collection Of Knowledge life long learning. I ask these questions from my own personal experience:

The PIDP fit my schedule because I could continue to practice as a dental assistant while taking the required courses. It is the documentation of my journey from considering myself to be a skilled dental assistant through to the realization that I am also an educator, motivator, and mentor. How will this educational experience inform my professional practice? By this stage in the program, I had experience as a dental assistant, had focused on the goals and outcomes required by my employers designed a curriculum , and learned how to deliver my curriculum. I discovered in this course, that the program was becoming increasingly challenging for me, and decided that it was likely intentional.

Close monitoring of responses and follow up paved the way to doing two Capstone teaching demonstrations for Reading and Listening classes.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. To discover that templates exist to assist in designing a curriculum was extremely helpful.

What were the high points for me during the program? Karen assigned a mid-course evaluation inand I tried to be as candid and honest as possible.

Capstone Project (PIDP 3270)

What did not go as planned: My current practice in an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery OMS clinic requires me to train dental assistants new to the specialty. What system will I use to determine success? Have I specified learning objectives?


A Problem to be resolved Input: Showcase mind mapping as creative tool for preparing a memo. My instructor in Professional Practice, Karen Brooke, introduced ethical and moral dilemmas. Using the matrix for evaluation as guide, I decided to work on two media: The modified jigsaw activity created a participatory and collaborative learning environment.

I am going to discuss reflection from my own perspective, and how I believe that it solidifies learning and motivates an individual to improve. I created a digital project using a newly learned engagement strategy — mind mapping- as a video guide for finding the perfect job which could be used in the program.

I also appreciated the blogging assignment too, because I had continued to reflect on the PIDP experience on my blogand to document assignments. I consider myself an expert in the field because I have many years of experience, and because I stay current in policies and procedures through research, and by attending continuing education courses applicable to my field.

We converted to a paperless charting system, and digital x-rays almost overnight.

The handbook contains many techniques to foster learner collaboration in face-to-face and online environments. The PIDP, delivered online, is very self-directed; receiving immediate feedback allows me to reflect soon after I complete and submit an assignment.

Have students been given the autonomy and opportunity to critically reflect and act on what they are learning? You are commenting using your Google account. The guiding questions follow the ORID method:.


To sum it up, the Projet certainly advanced my knowledge of becoming an adult educator, it improved my skills as a facilitator, and it undeniably changed my capstonr about creating a learner-centred environment. I felt an improvement in my day-to day instruction, and valued my time spent self-assessing.

pidp 3270 capstone project

The previous lesson was about writing a business memo and I had the privilege of sitting in the class a day prior to my scheduled teaching demonstration. PIDPInstructional Strategies, introduced how instruction capstons be delivered so that goals and outcomes are met.

New media like video clips and power point presentations catch student attention but conversations always generate more interest in learning from one another.

PIDP – Capstone

They shared personal experiences what worked, and did not work for them. My first mini-lesson was an abysmal failure. I ask these questions from my own personal experience: Email required Address never made public. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It allowed quick feedback and affirmation on learning. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Brian shared a wealth of student exemplars; these projects from former students helped me immeasurably, because I could see, by example, what I could do!

pidp 3270 capstone project