The company provides a smartphone application that lets consumers book and pay taxis conveniently and transparently. The most common immune-stimulating adjuvant is alum, present in about half of vaccines today. Vaxess aims to not only lower the cost of distribution, but also to increase access to life-saving products for people around the world. Archived from the original PDF on 23 February This is actually really hard. Archived from the original on 30 December Next Post Shannon Pendergrast Latest news.

I started in the world of manufacturing, and if you ever have the chance to work at a manufacturing plant, every line worker and engineer in a manufacturing plant will complain about how crummy the designs they get are. Tips for successfully navigating the biotech startup ecosystem. The finalists and overall winner were announced Tuesday. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We were fantastically lucky to have a number of entrepreneurs who were two or three years ahead help us through the day-to-day logistics of getting a startup off the ground. I had an interesting progression through the automotive world: Under that approach a company will get insights from someone who is not working on a particular project team but has some other inspiration that they can draw on to make that program better.

The grants will fund development of both the MIMIX platform as well as these two specific indications over the next two years.

Vaxess Technologies

Archived from the original on 12 May Stay updated with new content every 2 weeks: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Quite frankly, this entrepreneurial mantra of paying it forward and helping others in any way possible is overwhelmingly positive.


What makes silk unique as a material are biocompability and its ability to self-assemble into mechanically robust constructs with a range of properties. Having a diverse, capable team is the other important vaess of startups. If you come in with a team of only business people, they can provide a great business case but the technical aspect is missing.

vaxess technologies business plan

Retrieved 28 January There are all of these operational day-to-day challenges that nobody really has insight into until they take the plunge of leading a company. Living in this ecosystem allows us to focus on the truly important tasks: Archived from the original on 30 December Google, on the other hand, is remarkable in that it tends to overshare every company detail with every employee, and their philosophy is that if we hire well and treat employees like adults, there will be a mutual respect between the organization and the employee and trust that things will be kept confidential.

Of course, as you move up the management chain, that vision expands. This venture is working to commercialize a Tufts University technology that stabilizes vaccines into a thin film strip which can be shipped and stored without refrigeration, eliminating the need for a cold chain. Retrieved 22 May Views Read Edit View history.

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Kennedy School of Government. Inherently a dried product is more stable than a liquid product, and thus distribution is far cheaper.


Retrieved 18 May Retrieved 14 August Retrieved 14 June Stay updated with new content! After receiving his B.

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Companies established in Pharmaceutical companies of the United States Privately held companies based in Massachusetts Companies based in Boston Biotechnology companies Health care companies based in Massachusetts. We had great advisors that hammered us on those questions early.

vaxess technologies business plan

So what types of ventures made the cut this year? Judges selected these new venture ideas from more than entries presented by some of the top business school students in the world. Busiess out of an academic institution, nobody teaches you these things.

vaxess technologies business plan

The other thing is that I’ve seen very different approaches to management between my time in the auto industry and my brief internship in the tech sector. Retrieved 6 June This may enable us to produce successful vaccines that have failed due to efficacy issues in the past.

The composition of the Vaxess team has made us unique from the start – I was a mechanical engineer turned business leader, we had a physicist turned lawyer, an economist, and a texhnologies.

Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 20 May Retrieved 31 May We zeroed in on vaccines initially because we saw an overwhelming need: