It was a good choice. The only advice my father ever gave me was this: People keep calling me! October 8, at 9: Retrieved January 31, The video of his speech has been viewed nearly 15 million times on YouTube. Ironically, as its creation saw Smich accused of plagiarism herself, its adoption saw one high school principal fired.

A tenth anniversary edition was published in This is the big speculation. There are four versions of the song: In the speech she insistently recommends the wearing of sunscreen , and dispenses other advice and warnings which are intended to help people live a happier life and avoid common frustrations. This show played on many stations in the United States. And remember that the story is never over,” he told the graduating class.

Xpeech yet, Vonnegutwho died in at the age of 84, was also a witty commencement speaker himself, especially in the last decade of his life, when he had stopped writing fiction.

Kurt Vonnegut may be dead but he still gives good advice to graduates

Did you think, when you filed it, that it was a particularly resonant piece of writing? W hat changed everything was when a freelance writer in Portland did a little blurb for the New York Times Magazine about this cult hit in Portland. A tenth anniversary edition was published in Everybody asks during and after our wars, and the continuing terrorist attacks all over the globe, ‘What’s gone wrong?


This page was last edited on 16 Aprilat Grasuation was his way of acknowledging all that had happened. Because normal people have awful advice, and that is why they are normal. To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy.

wear sunblock graduation speech

This version was released as a remix to Graduahion Luhrmann’s version. July 17, at 3: Archive All posts by date. Somehow my home phone number got on some list so every DJ in America had my number and was calling to get me on live. In the end, Schmich and Vonnegut did connect after she reached out to him to inform him of the confusion.

Kurt Vonnegut may be dead but he still gives good advice to graduates – Los Angeles Times

Also known as “The Sunscreen Song”, [3] it sampled Luhrmann’s remixed version of the song ” Everybody’s Free To Feel Good ” by Rozallaand opened with the words, “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Class of ’99” instead of “’97”, as in the original column. There are four versions of the song: Were you speaking to a younger self?

wear sunblock graduation speech

He distributed the song to other program directors that he networked with and the song exploded in the US. Once it became clear what was happening, that this song was going to sell, he was quite generous with me.


wear sunblock graduation speech

But I got another column out of it. The song became a first hit for Mau Kilauea. Talking with the publishers of new L. This show played on many stations in the United States. They emailed her and, with her permission, recorded the song the next day. Well, technically the words belong to The Sppeech Tribune.

Rather, they had been composed on a sunny, late Spring afternoon after a walk around Lake Michigan, by Chicago Tribute journalist Mary Schmich.

It made a difference. They started playing it, and it became a huge hit in Portland. Get grduation most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more.

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Such an appreciation, it should be noted, is entirely secular; Vonnegut was not a religious man. We’re hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. Did you plagiarise Kurt Vonnegut? This attitude was not always evident in his later writings: October gravuation, at 9: Nobody has bank statements anymore!